Buzz (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

An intimate look into the world of acclaimed author Buzz Bissinger as he searches for his own true freedom of expression, Buzz premieres September 25 at 9 PM on HBO. #HBO #BuzzHBO #HBODocs
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Buzz (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

35 replies
  1. gadget00
    gadget00 says:

    Total nonsense and "me me me and my twisted fantasies and my darkness and dressing like a woman to let that darkness go free, to the expense of ridiculing my own wife, but I dont care because it is about me and my personal degenerate self expressing itself " blah blah blah. Sack of rubbish.

    Its even worse that HBO considered this guy with mental issues, something worthy to WATCH unfold on TV. How disturbing

  2. Stones Jones
    Stones Jones says:

    The western world is getting to a narcissistic max with all its complex repercussions.
    Sad fucking reality. People are definitely not capable of dealing with the online.
    If I find enough dream is to live offline..share whatever space I have with good beings.Completely offline, somewhere with less shouting. People are shouting everywhere , all the time. 
    It echoes: 'like me, like me, like me…..adore me, worship me'.


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