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From executive producers Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner of Girls, Camping, a new comedy series on HBO. Camping stars Jennifer Garner and David Tennant as Kathryn and Walt, a not-so-happily married couple. A meticulously planned outdoor trip to celebrate Walt’s 45th birthday is derailed by uninvited guests and forces of nature, turning the weekend into a test of marriage and friendships.

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40 replies
  1. Max Payne fan
    Max Payne fan says:

    Another huge failure for HBO. First Here and Now (which was thankfully cancelled because it was garbage) and now this. I love Mallory Knox from "Natural Born Killers", but the saddest part, she can't save this series. Like Here and Now, this show is doomed from the start.

  2. Liliana Sousa
    Liliana Sousa says:

    Wow… Why the F all this hate about Lena Dunham?? Are you guys idiots consumed with your pity life just spitting out shit on internet? Shes really funny and Talented… And i mean… I Watch like 2 TV shows a year maxium( just to explain Im not a TV person, or that i care about celebs…) And since the first episode i accidentaly saw of "girls" i literally could not stop watching it. Real, funny, Smart, Talented actors… Come on people… Dont be dickheads. Peace&love

  3. C Foster
    C Foster says:

    I watched it. It reminds me of Parks and Rec. Not as funny so far though. Garner is seriously annoying. I wish they didn't pair David Tennant up with her I feel like he's going to get over shadowed by her the whole time. I hope they utilize his character a lot better. Juliette Lewis is a pleasure as usual. I'm going to give it a chance because of David and Juliette. If they weren't in it I would not have bothered.

  4. Franz Devedeux
    Franz Devedeux says:

    i have a felling this is going to tank but i have not seen more than 5 mins of show so fingers crossed. David Tennant been in good stuff, and Bad Omens looks great but this looks like Broadchurch (US), a weak concept with big names to make the network have faith. But again heere's hoping I am wrong.

  5. James stewart
    James stewart says:

    God , JEN is so annoying, theres Not a minute when I DONT WANT TO JUST PUNCH HER IN THE FACE!!! SHES ANNOYING AS F**K !!!!!!!!! I feel soo sorry for her husband, his life must be complete HELL living with that!!!!!! I know I've never been the type for violence or murder, but I swear, She would litterly drive me to Murder her with a Gurn , but more than likely a hammer or shovel, si I could beat the Bitch right out of her, and then bury her. I'm sure I'd get off with a short sentence after jurors see what kind if crazy she truely is!!!!

  6. No Touchy
    No Touchy says:

    curious about how some of these 'funny people' are in real life?
    how they act in normal situations that others like us have to navigate as adults with maturity and understanding of others? brett is such a resentful venomous beta.
    look up 'Eric Andre Interupts Brett Gelman's Story and gets Butthurt'
    what a sanctimonious arrogant weasel…

  7. Ralph Desmond
    Ralph Desmond says:

    I watched a few episodes of this and I thought I’d like it a lot, but JGarner is such a convincing actor that I HATED her too much to continue watching the show. The relentless Ruining of everything good about camping, and never catching on even a little bit that that SHE was wrong and everyone else was right.


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