Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes | Official Trailer | HBO

An expansion of the hit podcast and bestselling book, Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes brings to life the intimate interviews that broke Hollywood’s most infamous story.

The six-part documentary series debuts July 12 on HBO Max. #CatchAndKillHBO #HBO Subscribe to HBO on YouTube:

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Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes | Official Trailer | HBO

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  1. Agnes Aac
    Agnes Aac says:

    This is so dishonestly one-sided. Because of this kind of reporting Harvey Weinstein was not able to get a fair trial.
    This ''investigative'' journalism is just like presenting ONLY the prosecution side: but in reality far worse… because in court people have to be more responsible. Here things are taken completely out of context, and he fails to show the other side; as a result presenting a false picture. And if someone followed HW's trial, they know that those women's stories always have a very significant other side (still because of prejudice HW was convicted – without evidence to justify it)

  2. obcl
    obcl says:

    I CANNOT WAIT for this. I've been hoping for this since the book & the podcast. This story needs to be told on every platform possible.

  3. Wolfgang Von Zubaz
    Wolfgang Von Zubaz says:

    0:56 "These are fellow journalists, how could they have killed that story?" … lol, seriously? Journalism today is either propaganda, or PR shilling. The media portrays a woke progressive image, while promoting war, and corporate interests

  4. Vtu Uta
    Vtu Uta says:

    Unpopular opinion, but I don't agree with this. You can't take the money and then complain later, after you used it all. You had a price and you enjoyed that price. Not defending what he did, but you had a choice to walk away and not take the money, but clearly money were more important than your own dignity

  5. Lisa McAndrews
    Lisa McAndrews says:

    Just got through watching the documentary. Bravo HBO for putting this on the air. I was going to cancel my HBO prescription because money is tight right now. But I’m going to keep it. Please keep doing documentaries like this we need this in today’s world we need to know the truth

  6. Melanie Cruz
    Melanie Cruz says:

    Hopefully he get caught in Alberta's seven province in Canada ! ??? Driver license! ?????? GPS) falsification public document. Social security number information Health card number history! !!! Predator scanning mind!! Scientist motivation) !!! Hopefully he might get caught and charged million dollars band. (The victim police vs police ! Predator vs informant which is not her real identity .


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