Chef’s Table: BBQ | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Emmy-nominated series shifts its focus to the art of the barbecue, featuring accomplished chefs from the US, Australia and Mexico. Chef’s Table: BBQ premieres globally on Netflix on Sept. 2.


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Chef’s Table: BBQ | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Emmy-nominated series delves into the juicy, smoky world of barbecue, visiting acclaimed chefs and pitmasters in the US, Australia and Mexico.

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  1. Chef Simeon Hall Jr.
    Chef Simeon Hall Jr. says:

    I've just finished watching the latest installment of the series "Chef's Table: BBQ" and it was indeed inspiring.  So inspiring, that I feel bold enough to pen this post and audacious enough to believe that somehow, someway it will end up in the view of someone influential at your company.   
    I've watched this particular BBQ series three times. The first time, because I was so excited for the initial release. A second time because I've always been a barbecue enthusiast and really wanted to hone in and glean from the unique styles of the featured chefs. The third time, to confirm what I suddenly realized – that there is absolutely no mention of The Caribbean in this series at all. I was floored. How do you explain that? 
    I am sure you and many by now have realized that barbecue did not originate in America and that Barbacoa was a way of life for the Taino people of Haiti, in particular, long before the "whole hog" celebrities of the South. So where are the jerk pits of Jamaica or the roadside steel drum grills of The Bahamas or the fire pits of Haiti? Where is The Caribbean influence (and dare I say homage), Netflix?
    Even as we all look to 2020 as the rebirth of cultural equality, how do we continue to overlook this Giant of a region? Please know that in no way do I want to undermine the amazing chefs featured. They definitely are so important to what barbecue is and has become, but something is missing Netflix.
    To all those in the culinary world that continue to perpetuate this misstep and overlook the Caribbean, remember even "black sheeps" have their place in history!

  2. DefektdXTC
    DefektdXTC says:

    Episode 1 is great, a real genuine person who is easy to connect with, a hard working woman that never complains or tries to sensationalise the cooking. Down to earth and humble.

    Episode 2? An absolute cringe session, the talk of intensity, high wire cooking with no safety net etc etc tries to buzz word the opening to death. Talks like a commercial airline pilot. Made it to 8 minutes. Skipped.

  3. Raj Ibrahim
    Raj Ibrahim says:

    For anyone who is contemplating watching this, stop contemplating. Every episode is absolutely fantastic. The parts of the episodes about the food is clearly unreal but in every episode, the people themselves are just as amazing.

    •MVNĪFĖŠT• says:

    My favorite episode by a long shot was from Ms. Rosalia–the Mayan traditionalist. There's just something about the culture in Mexico that grabs you. I mean, don't get me wrong, the entire season was amazing, as always, but something about this lady just touched my soul. It's quite a masterpiece of an episode.

  5. Jose Valentin
    Jose Valentin says:

    This is a beautifully well-done documentary series. The art of putting this together along with the chef's storytelling and the cinematography is such a pure joy to see on screen. So far I have seen the first 3 episodes and they have been incredible. This documentary series takes you on the journey of these bbq masters from good to bad, sometimes sad, and then a triumphant ending that will bring you to tears at times because you're so emotionally invested in watching them succeed. It's a truly amazing show.

    Bravo Netflix, bravo!

  6. Rotwang72
    Rotwang72 says:

    This is without a doubt the most pretentious doc on cooking EVER. Lines like “the man cooking with fire, it was almost a dance” and “ we really were taking a chance cooking caviar on fire, people said we couldn’t do it, we changed everything” and “ it took me 4 years to find a restaurant, so wanted to do something that had never been done before, the place had to be able to handle the heat of BBQ”.

    Good lord this guy is so self important. It’s amazing footage and qualifies more as food porn but it represents everything wrong with the big end food industry.

    “I was creative that I started cooking with fire”. Get outta hear with that BS. It’s literally how good was cooked for 4000 years before you even were born.

  7. cmnweb
    cmnweb says:

    Food from Yucatan is something else, the mix from Mayan food and centuries of clash with the European food the result is awesome ( In general all Mexican food)


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