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Chemical Hearts is an unapologetic, coming of age story involving a hopeless romantic and a young woman with a mysterious past. Seventeen-year-old Henry Page (Austin Abrams) has never been in love. He fancies himself a romantic, but the kind of once-in-a-lifetime love he’s been hoping for just hasn’t happened yet. Then, on the first day of senior year, he meets transfer student Grace Town (Lili Reinhart) and it seems all that is about to change. When Grace and Henry are chosen to co-edit the school paper, he is immediately drawn to the mysterious newcomer. As he learns the heartbreaking secret that has changed her life, he finds himself falling in love with her —or at least the person he thinks she is. Based on the novel by Krystal Sutherland, Chemical Hearts is a journey of self-discovery that captures the thrills, disappointments and confusion of being a teenager. Available on Prime Video August 21.

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35 replies
  1. Ali Matoori
    Ali Matoori says:

    God domn it. I'm now 30 years old, but I felt this movie with all my being. It reminded me of myself and my story. It's so painful. still hurts me. It's ridiculous for a man, but I'm crying bcs of that.

    If love and love failure is a chemical reaction and the brain adapts to it over time, then why does it still make me cry even after ten years?

  2. Luna Soetarman
    Luna Soetarman says:

    Very dissapointed. Idk what im expecting honestly. The movie is just awkward, boring, and not realistic. What's even the plot of this movie ? I have so many question. But i guess everybody have different taste and opinion, glad some of you liked it, just not for me.

  3. Jagriti Dhariwal
    Jagriti Dhariwal says:

    I fell in love with a guy in dec 2020 and it was my first ever serious relationship. We had a good time in relationship but i never felt him being emotionally attached to me. He was like lost in a void and one night in car he mentioned me about this movie. I didn't realised that he was giving me a hint. When one day he cheated on me i figured out that all this time when he was making out with me he was thinking bout his ex whom he had loved the most. He never came outta his previous relationship and slept with multiple girls has he was damaged and didn't believe in love anymore.

  4. Gary Williams
    Gary Williams says:

    This one really kicks you in the balls. I found it quite difficult to watch. You can feel the pain from both sides and that really says something for the cast and crew. 'I felt it' is THE best complement I can give to this movie.

  5. Marc
    Marc says:

    "By the start of my senior year nothing interesting had ever happened to me, then, something finally happened… I met a 25 year old high-school senior."

  6. Blossom
    Blossom says:

    Wow..its age when world wants to express urself but when u do they get shut up…it's so relatable.short story of every youth Outta there!!

  7. ynvmbxe
    ynvmbxe says:

    this movie was nothing like other american movies i have seen, i am a fan of lili reinhart so that is how i discovered this movie, BTW i loved it sm!!!!!

  8. Sara Bilal
    Sara Bilal says:

    My teenage years were awfully uneventful, just the casual pangs of depression where you feel guilty for assuming that the level of adversity you are going through even remotely resembles the pain people diagnosed with clinical depression go through so you shut yourself up and get over it after a few days of feeling worthless and useless because life is indeed not all that bad and something minimally good distracts you. But the vicious cycle continues well past the teen years. Anyways these movies make out teenage life to be way too eventful than it really is for normal people like me I suppose.
    -A person in very early twenties


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