Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes | Official Trailer | HBO

Check out the trailer for HBO Original, Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes, which takes a deep-dive behind the 1986 disaster of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Watch never before seen footage and get real-life accounts of the horrific accident. Coming to HBO Max June 22.

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45 replies
  1. Sam Dream
    Sam Dream says:

    А русские ничему не научились и снова распространяют ложь, которая в итоге приведет к катастрофе.
    And the Ruzzianz have not learned and again they spread lies that will eventually lead to disaster.

  2. Wojtek K
    Wojtek K says:

    this movie is not on HBO Max. I checked a few minutes ago and nothing. and it says it was supposed to be at 21st Wednesday June 22nd … where is this movie?

  3. DominiArma
    DominiArma says:

    I was born two months after the nuclear meltdown, this documentary was eye opening and something about streaming it in HD / 4k really develops a rapport to the citizens of Chernobyl and the lies Soviet Russia used to cover up their mess.

  4. Freddy Fasthands
    Freddy Fasthands says:

    The only thing that bothers me 8s that the full story isn't included. It was an extraterrestrial conflict where they had to liquidate a facility to keep them from obtaining world threatening information. This is a travesty for them twice now. They had to die and no one really knows why

  5. Jóska Sobri
    Jóska Sobri says:

    Mit csesztetik a Ruszkikat? Tudta az akkori Magyar vezetés is a katasztrófát!!! Mégis vonulgatni kellett május elsején a népnek , mert az kihagyhatatlan!!! Erröl ennyit! Ja ezt senki nem emlegeti

  6. Anai Barangan
    Anai Barangan says:

    Go ahead and show it all, so that I hope people can see what type of western Europe oligarchs behind it ALL especially banking cartel. Can't be how The Russian Federation is progressing and modernizing today, want it all back to that way. Their leaderships being victims the same of it ALL in The Soviet Union.

  7. Demetrio Tozzi
    Demetrio Tozzi says:

    The name is ChOrnobyl.
    Chornobyl means artemisia vulgaris, a mugwort. Just like the one in the Bible.
    Russian version of ChErnobyl doesn't mean anything in any language – as it's a "translation" from ukrainian.

  8. Nolan Hewitt
    Nolan Hewitt says:

    So how did soviets respond to seeing birth defects in not just farm animals and human babies? Radiophobia? Fear mongering? There was a pig born with one eye a human infant born without a nose and another with two heads I'm with the civilians when it came to the retaliation

  9. Abyssmal Arts
    Abyssmal Arts says:

    It puts all human life in perspective really.
    Us as biological beings, technology, great invention, powers, accidents, the struggle and will.
    The arrogance, humbling facts, life and death, the sacrifices and so forth.

  10. Владислав
    Владислав says:

    Очередная глупость от HBO, приправленная правдой? Не удивлюсь, что люди будут рады усугубить своё положение в образовании (в общем) и знании (в частности) об этой трагедии.

  11. lamarjlp914
    lamarjlp914 says:

    I saw it on hbomax. Let me say, some parts especially with the children was downright heartbreaking. Also, it will make you question some of the conclusions regarding the cause of the accident featured in the show. Also, does anyone else find it strange that these tapes are all of a sudden released after the Russian invasion of Ukraine?


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