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Young Chickenhare is the adopted son of King Peter, a famous adventurer. Part chicken and part hare, he has a really tough time growing up and disguises himself as a hare to avoid the mockeries of his peers. When the day of the Royal Adventurer Society trials comes, Chickenhare, hampered by his disguise, fails miserably. But he is determined to grab a second chance and find the Scepter of the Hamster of Darkness, before his evil Uncle Lapin. The Scepter will give immense power to its holder. If Lapin gets hold of it, he will be unstoppable. Accompanied by his faithful servant Abe, a sarcastic turtle, and Meg, a martial arts expert skunk, he sets of on an epic and initiatory quest.

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Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness (2022) is the new animation movie starring Danny Fehsenfeld and Donte Paris.

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47 replies
  1. Raymond Thumper
    Raymond Thumper says:

    When looking at animated rabbits, given the choice of Judy Hopps or Lola Bunny, this is definately more a Judy Hopps clone and using similar fur rendering and body movements.
    Not going to expect Zootopia level writing but it could be good for a laugh.

  2. Katia Ustulin
    Katia Ustulin says:

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  3. Manslaughter
    Manslaughter says:

    While I'm mad that the chicken legs on the hare aren't digitigrade like actual bird legs (they walk on their toes with their heels in the air), what makes me EVEN MADDER is the fact that the tortoise lost his shell. You do understand that shells are the ribs and the spine of turtles? A shell is a rigid, immovable ribcage, a tortoise without a shell would be a mangled corpse. UNLESS….unless you guys are trying to pull a narrative of that each of those characters has some sort of unique trait to them, like the tortoise being able to take that off, which is okay and cute, I'll let it slide in that case.
    However, what I will not let slide is the fact that you put feathers on the hare's ears instead of his arms, like they are on birds. Why would flight feathers be on ears when birds don't even have earlobes? Even in an imaginary scenario in which mammals and birds could interbreed, we still all share the same morphology, therefore his arms should be feathered and have long feathers on them as the arms of any tetrapod are homologous to the arms of birds (wings).

    HOWEVER, I have not yet watched the movie so I can't actually judge the plot. If I'm correct, this is based on a book or a comic, I am not sure, so it's no wonder that you tried staying true to the designs. The visuals are really pretty! I just can't shake the feeling that this is yet another cash grab rather than producers wanting to tell their story from the passion of their hearts.

    Also, in case some of you are unfamiliar with the concept of "rabbit-birds", they're mythological beings from European culture and they're called wolpertingers.

  4. Alex Adams
    Alex Adams says:

    I know the REAL Chickenhare. This movie was based off from the comics. And THIS. THIS IS NOT WHAT HAPPEN IN THE COMICS.

    Why The F Did They Change The Most Infamous Underrated Comic Book About Animal Hybrids Including The Titular Himself Into A Indiana Jones Bootleg. AND THE TURTLE IS SUPPOSE TO DRESS UP LIKE ABRAHAM LINCOLN!!! ALONG WITH THE SKUNK BEING A ELF-LIKE WITCH!!! WHY DO PEOPLE NOT RESEPCT ORIGINALITIES IN THIS STUPID ERA!!!

    The Turtle Is Suppose To Have A Beard

  5. Albert Muramasa
    Albert Muramasa says:

    The animation is good, but the story kind of boring…. always goes the same formula, no skill male protagonist with his comedy relief friend meet a very skilled girl, who somehow needs the protagonist's help with something….

  6. ShortShaker
    ShortShaker says:

    This film looks like fun it's sort of like Indiana Jones but with anthropomorphic animal characters. Speaking of the characters the designs are sort of on par with designs of Disney's Zootopia. Overall I'm going to have watching this film.


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