Chloe – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Becky’s lonely life is nothing like Chloe’s charmed one. One-time teenage friends, she now only watches Chloe through social media. When Chloe dies suddenly, Becky assumes a new identity and infiltrates the lives of Chloe’s friends to find out why. As Sasha, she discovers the conflicting faces of Chloe, but is increasingly lost in her lies. Will she uncover the truth before she loses herself?


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Chloe – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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25 replies
  1. Betty Berova
    Betty Berova says:

    Has anybody seen this yet?i
    & btw why is Amazon claiming its “Amazon original “ when the network which created it was BBC?
    I understand if they probably got the exclusive streaming rights then it would say “Amazon Exclusive” but its not an Original. Its been out for a while now.

  2. Sh. A.
    Sh. A. says:

    I just watched this series It started gripping, interesting and suspenseful but became silly after a while – the protagonist keeps deceiving people and keeps getting away with whatever she does sooo easily and miraculously- so many things happening that don't make sense and it had the most silly ending.


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