“Church and State” with James Cromwell and Jeremy Strong | Succession Podcast S4 E9 | HBO

This week, it’s a full house to discuss the penultimate episode of Succession, “Church and State.” First, Host Kara Swisher unpacks Ewan’s surprise eulogy with actor James Cromwell. Then, she finds out how real-life funeral planner William Villanova helped the Succession team create a perfectly extravagant service for Logan Roy. And finally, Kara checks in with Jeremy Strong about Kendall’s blockbuster speech and where he stands as we head into the series finale.
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32 replies
  1. Clark Hathaway
    Clark Hathaway says:

    James Cromwell hasn't had much screen time in the series but casting him early on was a fantastic decision. His eulogy felt like it was years in the making and was easily a career best performance by Cromwell. Easily the best cast show ever put together.

  2. Jeffrey Bank
    Jeffrey Bank says:

    The entire cast is amazing but Cromwell (and Cox) bring the ultimate respect and credibility to the cast. All except Cox and Cromwell are newbies (well, they are all young so there's that), but the two old guys really bring the power.

  3. Victoria B.
    Victoria B. says:

    cromwell's character is the moral conscience of the series but so is roman in a way, that s why this scene is so interesting, the eulogy breaks roman, makes him unable/unwilling to lie about who logan really was.. such a well written show, Im going to miss this show so much

  4. Prince Dakkar
    Prince Dakkar says:

    The entire episode will do down as one of my absolute favourites – but I just want to take a second to commend the sheer messiness of Caroline Collingwood in introducing the wives to the mistresses, she absolutely trumped Marcia here, who I must say has retreated into herself. Cannot believe we have one episode left!

  5. PhillyLady
    PhillyLady says:

    An interesting observation about Greg by Ewan! Is Greg destined to be Logan even though his outlook was so anti-Logan at the beginning? He’s perhaps the most changed character.

  6. Alison W
    Alison W says:

    I’ve loved him since the 1st season when he came in to vote for his brother against Kendall’s no confidence vote!
    I love that it surprised even Logan!


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