CLOAK AND DAGGER #1 | Digital Comic Launch Trailer

Ahead of their television debut, Marvel is excited to announce a new CLOAK AND DAGGER digital exclusive comic series written by Dennis Hopeless (Spider-Woman) with art by David Messina! The 6-issue monthly limited series begins today, and readers can download the first issue right now in the Marvel Comics App or on ComiXology and Kindle! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

After meeting as runaways, vigilante teenagers Tyrone (“Cloak”) Johnson and Tandy (“Dagger”) Bowen were illegally experimented on and gifted with mysterious powers. As the living personifications of light and dark, their complementary abilities force them to rely on each other as they team up to save innocent people on the streets of New York, and around the world. This in-continuity Digital Series has been specifically designed to welcome new readers while giving long-time Marvelites the latest eagerly-awaited chapter in this fan-favorite duo’s story.

“With CLOAK AND DAGGER, we’re telling the story from two very different perspectives at the same time,” writer Dennis Hopeless told in an interview. “Tyrone and Tandy are fundamentally intertwined characters, but they see the world through different lenses. It’s been a lot of fun playing with that shifting perspective. We let the reader into each of their heads, sometimes even showing the same scene from two different angles. Just like in life, it’s the differences that propel the drama.”

For more about CLOAK AND DAGGER, check out Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger digital comic launch trailer which features editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski and editor Devin Lewis talking about the new series, as well as a sneak peek at exciting art!

The highly-anticipated new television series, “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” premieres Thursday, June 7, 8/7c on Freeform.

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41 replies
  1. Rylie Morgan
    Rylie Morgan says:

    Cloak and dagger really felt like real people in the comics that I read in the run up to the show
    I really hope they nail the characters in the show and this comic

  2. JustRicky
    JustRicky says:

    Why separate Cloak and Dagger for any time? The whole purpose of them is they must live off each other. That what made C&D different from other heroes. Now the opening stories sound like a generic superhero team.

  3. E Minor
    E Minor says:

    Flop !!! Digital sales don’t exist and Dagger is puposely drawn unattractive (side of her head shaved) because the Editorial straight up SUCKS. YOU BUNCH OF SOY BITCHES

  4. Phil Gabriel
    Phil Gabriel says:

    I like Dagger's new costume, I feel more comfortable showing that to my brothers so kudos on that front I'm just upset they keep trying to separate them again- it seems to be a recurring theme and it's gotten old. Cloak didn't just need Dagger, Dagger also needed cloak. I'm over the "will they won't they" stage- can someone from Marvel please give me a valid reason they shouldn't be together? Their whole dynamic is what drew me to their comics in the first place.


    I created and published 9 superheroes and I would like Marvel to own them. They all fight against a different world problem and they all have their own book. Here’s the anti-suicide one.

    Azereathians are beings that are allergic to the living world. Their whole race isn’t alive and they never were. Everything that’s alive eventually dies but these creatures are immune. They’re the death gods of legends.

    One of them became a mother and she made the ultimate sacrifice so her daughter could be alive and experience everything life has to offer. The Azereathian mother transferred her daughter’s soul into a human stillborn baby that choked to death while being delivered. The baby was pronounced dead for a whole minute before it started crying again. Nobody questioned the miracle and the baby’s parents ended up adopting a child without even knowing it.

    Years passed and the baby who was named Willow grew into a teenager. She’s an albino and a goth so her classmates pick on her and they call her a creepy porcelain doll. She always wears a black hoodie to hide her skin that’s as sensitive as she is.

    She develops strange death-like powers after an attempted suicide. She slit her wrists and she was so close to death that she unlocked her true self. Now she can open deathgates that look like black portals. She opens these portals in the nick of time to prevent suicides.

    Everything that’s alive has a survival instinct so humans were never meant to be suicidal. We were able to get depressed but we never wanted to take our own lives because of it. That changed 10, 000 years ago when a large group of rebellious Azereathians escaped into the living world. They didn’t transfer themselves into dead humans first so they were in excruciating pain. Feeding off human lives was the only way they could temporarily stop their insufferable agony so they all found human hosts. The Azereathians quickly realized that depressed people were the easiest to influence so they started targeting them.

    Willow looks like a grim reaper because she uses a scythe as a weapon to slay the demons and she wears a robe with a hood attached to it. She hunts her own kind as an attempt to prevent suicides. Azereathians are afraid to see Weaper come through a portal!


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