Comrade Detective – Season 1 Official Trailer Feat. Channing Tatum | Prime Video

In the 1980s, millions of Romanians tuned in to Comrade Detective, a gritty and sleek buddy cop show that not only entertained its citizens but also promoted Communist ideals and inspired a deep nationalism. It has now been digitally remastered and dubbed into English for the first time by a cast featuring Channing Tatum, and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

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Comrade Detective Season 1 – Official Trailer Feat. Channing Tatum | Prime Video

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34 replies
  1. HobtheGoblin
    HobtheGoblin says:

    So wait… it's a fake 80's Romanian show, where actors play the whole thing, and then other actors dub over their voices as if it's a repressed communist propaganda piece….. that might be too many layers for me. But i'll give it a try.

  2. heatherbotez
    heatherbotez says:

    well they got the accents completely wrong…romanian is nothing like russian, unlike ukrainian which sounds very similar…romanian is a latin based language–more like portuguese or catalan…but i will give it a shot nonetheless

  3. Vons Motorwerks
    Vons Motorwerks says:

    I watched the first episode last night, I grew up in the cold war era, This is just a blatant communist propaganda show, the whole episode was about putting down America. There was nothing entertaining about it except how bad it was, it was almost comedic it's so bad. Just another bunch of Hollywood liberals showing how much they hate America and how great they think communism is.


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