‘Concrete Heroes’ Trailer | Generation Kill | HBO Classics

A reporter with Rolling Stone, chronicles his experiences when he joins reconnaissance Marines during the first American-led assault on Baghdad in 2003.

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32 replies
  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    Baby killers is exactly what you are always have been. And how the public of that country can just sit back and let their military do this in their name time after time ………. well let's just say if there is a God I hope you get judged accordingly.

  2. ProКино
    ProКино says:

    Очередная ебола про доблестных американских солдат спасающих мир от терроризма! Грабители мирового масштаба! Another bullshit about valiant American soldiers saving the world from terrorism! Or simply robbers global scale!

  3. DasTemplar 96
    DasTemplar 96 says:

    So funny how people forget this is a miniseries. Sorry to disappoint but a second season is flat out impossible.

    To help in clarifying, THIS is a TRUE story. Based off of a book that was written by an actual journalist who tagged along with these actual Recon Marines. The series basically ended when he left to go back to the states to write the book this series is based on.

    Seriously? It’s like asking for a sequel to Band of Brothers when the series ended with the end of the war.


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