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A SXSW Film Festival Official Selection, Confronting a Serial Killer tells the timely story of the unprecedented relationship between acclaimed New York Times best-selling author and memoirist Jillian Lauren (‘Some Girls: My Life in a Harem’) and the most prolific serial killer in American history, Samuel Little. The series premieres April 18 on STARZ.


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The five-episode series tells the timely story of the unprecedented relationship between acclaimed New York Times best-selling author and memoirist Jillian Lauren (‘Some Girls: My Life in a Harem’) and the most prolific serial killer in American history, Samuel Little, and her race against time to identify his victims before it’s too late (Little recently died in prison at the age of 80, after having avoided justice for his crimes for decades). Lauren uncovers Little’s darkest secrets and aids law enforcement in solving a multitude of cold case murders while struggling to reconcile her own history of addiction and abuse with her present-day mission to return the identities of previously nameless bodies and forgotten women. As she slips deeper into his sordid world, Jillian realizes that she may become, psychologically, Little’s last victim.

Through the perspectives of Lauren, as well as several female members of law enforcement, multiple investigators, survivors and victims’ family members, “Confronting a Serial Killer” shines a light on systemic issues within the criminal justice system including bias against marginalized communities, particularly women of color, and those struggling with addiction, mental illness, and trauma.

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  1. DC4L
    DC4L says:

    This is a complete and total lie!! He did the drawings for a Texas Ranger named Jim Holland who is the only one he seemed to trust after he got locked up. Jim spent hundreds of hours with him talking about his victims and even got the supplies provided for Sam to do the drawings. I have no idea who this fraudulent broad is, but she is delusional.

  2. Tristin Blades
    Tristin Blades says:

    To bad this drama queen makes up so much bullshit about herself. She's so phony with her bullshit fake crying… Lol oh I'm sorry give me a minute.. I'm fake crying for the camera. She ruined the whole series trying to make it about her, any chance she got. Lisa ling would of been so much better.

  3. Awakened Blacktivist
    Awakened Blacktivist says:

    She really did make this all about herself. maybe I was paying a little bit more attention in the third episode, because I know I heard her say the word "I" a thousand times. Her annoying self-centered behavior is what initially prompted me to go to Google to do a review on this show giving it a one-star as well as my thoughts on the entire thing, ended up here. When I saw her oldest boy who already seems to be a little flamboyant, painting her fingernails, I was like this chick is doing way too much. Honestly I really struggled as to whether I wanted to continue watching it or not.

  4. Awakened Blacktivist
    Awakened Blacktivist says:

    Seems as if she used her womanly charm and flirtatiously finessed Sam out of a confession, getting him to talk. "I didn't set out to solve a murder", she says. I was like get off of your high horse. Detectives and police officers do this every day all day, they say what happened, shake a few hands, maybe get a medal or an commendation and move on.

  5. Diamond Coles
    Diamond Coles says:

    I don’t see how this series was any different than how the detectives were on the night stalker. They talked about their lives as well and how that LA detective is a bulldog. The egos were in both but since it’s a woman’s point of view there is a issue.. If a man did this series y’all would ❤️ it.

  6. Diamond Coles
    Diamond Coles says:

    Most docs focus on the predator and this one shines a light on the ugly truth. I can look past her talking about herself because if that makes her a better person and help others I don’t see the issue. Too many exploit others at their expense and she told the victims story! She could have been one of his victims and has a similar past so ofc she can relate to the victims.

  7. liu travis
    liu travis says:

    It takes a lot of ego, to make youself the main character and the narrarator at the same time, instead of the killer himself. It's not that bad of a watch, but it is essentially an ad for herself, I bet she has a plan to launch a series of books, signing events and tv appearances.

  8. Harold Campos
    Harold Campos says:

    I saw this series. It was intense. So happy for her that she got the confessions, and now he’s dead and she can live her life.

    Did anyone figure out what was the movie he was influenced by as a child? The woman with the boa and it strangles her? The only thing I came up with was indian tomb. Which led me down a rabbit hole of budd boetticher and other civil war/western and leatherstocking films lol.

  9. St. Vodou
    St. Vodou says:

    God-awful. Snowflake Jillian mainly hunts for good light or pours on the compliments—to herself. For what? Asking an obscure jailed serial killer if he’d rather sit in a cell or be on TV? Little can’t add 1+1, but I bet he knew the answer to that question.

  10. Mary daniels
    Mary daniels says:

    The show is about the women he killed. The show is about the women he almost killed. The show is about injustice and violence toward women. She is a women who overcame addiction and a violent relationship. It is a story about her getting her life back. It is a story about closure for some people. Laurie Barros’s confrontation with the prosecuting attorney for her case was phenomenal and right on.

  11. Rachel Hartjes
    Rachel Hartjes says:

    Dang!! Reading all of the comments, about this woman (the journalist I presume) and about how self absorbed and overall, just kinda cringy, she is…has now made me want to watch this documentary even more than before!! Cause now I'm just too curious! lol

  12. peaceful0732
    peaceful0732 says:

    Wow. Was going to watch this but the comment section makes not want to now. The author sounds like she's saying fake things? I always thought Sam Little just spoke to that one officer about all his killings.

  13. Sarah Klausner
    Sarah Klausner says:

    Literally she makes this show all about her. Skip it. Trust me. Waste of time. She likes to promote her husbands Album since he is a drummer for Weezer and then just talks about herself and all the books she wrote. It’s disgusting.


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