Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Never-before-heard audio from the interrogation of serial killer John Wayne Gacy threads through this chilling look at his 1970s murder spree, as new interviews with investigators and survivors bring the horror of his crimes into full focus.


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Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes | Official Trailer | Netflix

He dined with the powerful. He preyed on the vulnerable. Beneath a smiling exterior was the horrifying darkness of a sadistic serial killer.

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  1. Deku
    Deku says:

    O que eu te digo é o que eu sei como fato

    Eu sou uma pessoa de poder eu gosto de poder

    Ninguém mais teve coragem de fazer o que eu fiz

    Eu fui mais esperto que você novamente.

    A polícia encontrou hoje mais seis corpos

    ..sob a casa de
    Suspeito de matar John Gacy

    Você poderia estar andando na rua,

    e se Gacy colocasse os olhos em você,

    Você agora se tornou sua próxima vítima.

    Eles diriam: "você é um policial, hein?

    "Eu farei o que você quiser. Só não me prenda"

    Isso é assustador.

    Todo mundo do bairro

    Conhecia o John gacy.

    eu estava fazendo palhaçada e aparecendo

    Em pelo menos 10-15 desfiles

  2. FallenAngel
    FallenAngel says:

    After watching this documentary and other like this one, I have come to the conclusion that the reason these type of serial killers get away with murdering people for so long is because of police incompetence.

  3. David Jeffreys
    David Jeffreys says:

    I'm getting to a point where I'm starting to blame Silence Of the Lambs for how these docs are done. Before that, it seemed like most docs focused on the families looking for their missing family members. Now it's all just cops and attorneys tooting their own horn.

  4. David Jeffreys
    David Jeffreys says:

    Why take the police angle? Over 30 boys were missing before they stumbled onto Gacy.
    It's not their story.
    It's not the attorneys story.
    This story starts with a boy. Then it continues with mother or father.
    In these events, police are the absolute last people who come into play and yet these docs are always from their perspective. It's not their story. It's not their loss.

  5. Lriv. 03
    Lriv. 03 says:

    My mom always raises eyebrows everytime she sees me watching things like this. She’s like: “You better not get any ideas, cause I’m not the one.” Lol

  6. Joe Bolts
    Joe Bolts says:

    I know this comment section is a bit similar to a warzone but, My personal opinion is. I look at both sides of the situation. I believe 110% that the victims deserve to be remembered and acknowledged! That's just human decency, however, I believe it's important as well to have an insight into the killers. I think it's important we have a better understanding of them to try to help prevent similar stuff from happening in the future.

    I won't be surprised if some grammar Nazis nip pick my comment just because they disagree with me. I'm not here to start internet fights, just speaking my mind and being respectful.

  7. Yesterday Pizza
    Yesterday Pizza says:

    I laughed my ass off at him trying to be logical he was like "my wife accused me of having sex with men so because I was accused of it, I was like "why not" and went and did it" hahahahahaha ok John okaaaaay

    But seriously just finished it and it's upsetting, they were all kids and he took their lives from them and also hurt their families, first time I feel bad while watching a serial killer documentary.

  8. Stephen Preston
    Stephen Preston says:

    To be honest he got off easy. Him Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and Richard Rameriez got off easy. If it were up to me go straight tribal on they ass. I'm talking head on a spear. Old school shit.

  9. Herrscher Of Flamescion
    Herrscher Of Flamescion says:

    I believe that these documentaries about serial killers are good. It's best that we know their tactics. I've been training my body since junior high fo these kinds of things and currently a Freshman college student(and murder actually happens often here). But I know that most of them use more ingenious tactics and we need to know them to prepare. Most serial killers are geniuses and smart, so we need to be smarter than them.

  10. Sonia Quiambao
    Sonia Quiambao says:

    That guy from Iowa, Steve Nemmons…he was set up by his friends. Seems Gary asked those guys to find him someone and they set that guy up by leaving him at Gacy's house. Gary was a true psychopath.


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