Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer | Official Trailer | Netflix

A playground of pleasure. A killer on the loose. CRIME SCENE: The Time Square Killer launches globally on Netflix December 29.


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Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Seemingly random acts of brutality shock even the most seasoned NYC homicide detectives, stoking fears of an elusive serial killer operating within 1970’s era Times Square, a near-lawless sexual playground where forbidden fantasies were fulfilled, including murder.

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  1. Kelly Harrison
    Kelly Harrison says:

    Excited to watch! But could we get more documentaries instead of docu series? Some are really great but I don’t watch them because I don’t want to commit to something that is 6 hours that could be edited down to 2

  2. Thunder Warrior
    Thunder Warrior says:

    At the start of the documentary, the words “the whole world is attracted to Times Square” are spoken. They say the same about Las Vegas. I couldn’t think of two places in the USA im less interested in seeing.

  3. YSoSerious
    YSoSerious says:

    This “documentary” is NOT about the times square killer, it is mostly about the history of prostitution in times square and in a away why prostitution should be legal.

    No wonder Netflix is losing customers. Maybe there was like a total o 30 minutes about the actual killings/investigation and the rest was about prostitution and in a way to encourage young ladies to go for it to get easy money since one of the prostitutes said she was making $1,000 a night and that was in 1980.
    Netflix is a joke.

  4. Wests Tigers
    Wests Tigers says:

    Well made, but 85% of this is just people talking about the sex trade in New York…. don’t get me wrong the show is great when they are talking about the murder cases and the killer, but that’s like once every 25 min. Very annoying.

  5. chuckie cheesy
    chuckie cheesy says:

    Very interesting documentary. But, it tries to make the point that 42nd Street is the killer rather than a sick individual. As if, a sexually free place leads to violence and murder.
    Afterwards, saw "42nd Street Memories" for free on Tubi, and it had a more realistic view of that particular time and place.

  6. 916mw
    916mw says:

    Don’t be fooled. This is typical Netflix garbage. It’s 75% about glorifying sex workers and 25% about the actual serial killer.

  7. Doug Styles
    Doug Styles says:

    I'm on episode 2 and alot is repeated and rather hard to keep me interested. And I'm a big serial killer fan,and visited the city while growing up in upstate NY.

  8. Robert
    Robert says:

    Overall this was a good documentary when they spoke to the people involved directly in the case. It was not a good documentary when they interviewed people who spoke primarily on social commentary. They did drag out a lot of the old feminist tropes about pornography and victimization. When I think of these kinds of crimes, and the population that they involve, you do have to blame the accusers and the victims. Obviously the accusers are more at fault, and should be punished accordingly. At the same time, if you are in a high risk occupation like sex workers, drug dealing, etc. there is a greater probability to get hurt or killed.

  9. Aurelio Jimenez
    Aurelio Jimenez says:

    Would love a Netflix series on cottingham cause the first 2 episodes mention what was happening but was focused more on the boom of the sex industry in Times Square he said in an interview he killed more than 80 women

  10. mrsm222
    mrsm222 says:

    Found out this guy used to live literally around the corner from me. Obviously he's not there anymore but that's still creepy to me. There's a cemetery walking distance from his house. Makes me wonder.


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