Da Vinci’s Demons | Vlad is Back | STARZ

Fan favorite, Vlad the Impaler, is back to team up with da Vinci in the Final Season. New episodes Saturdays 8pm and all episodes available now on STARZ Play and On Demand.

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In a world where thought and faith are controlled, Leonardo da Vinci fights to set knowledge free. The tortured genius defies authority forever changing the fate of mankind. From David S. Goyer co-writer of the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, Da Vinci’s Demons will reveal the hero behind the genius.

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Da Vinci’s Demons | Vlad is Back | STARZ

33 replies
  1. emma tter
    emma tter says:

    I havd been upset when my shows have been cancelled, but this broke my heart. Borgia's and now THIS?! I love this show; such a great concept. Enticing, elaborate and entertaining.

  2. Fillmbuffy
    Fillmbuffy says:

    The resurrection of Vlad made me soooo happy!! Paul Rhys is brilliant!! Especially in this role. I also enjoyed the many nods to myths about the real Vlad the Impaler.

  3. Antonia D
    Antonia D says:

    Please,please believe me and see Vlad as I see him.
    First,I live in Romania very very close to Translivania and Târgovişte(Vlad's capital)
    Second,please see Vlad as an awesome warrior,a man who saved his country,a hero and a courageos and very very inteligent man.He didn't kill innocent people,he killed turks and traitors,liars,bad people,in horrific ways to show others how they are punished if they steal,lie,etc.
    But he didn't enjoy it or drank the blood of these people.He acted very cruel because Transilvania was in a severe crysis.That's what he had to do.
    He is a hero for us,romanians,who died with his sword in his hand.Please,admire him as we do.

  4. Karl Gilbert
    Karl Gilbert says:

    i shit my pants when i seen they brought Vlad back, what an increbile, terrifying character!! just found out it was canceled.. im so bummed.. black sails is, good, but ive always thought DaVinci's Demons was a little better, and wtf is Ash vs. Evil dead?? network execs are trying to cash in on stupid ''walking dead'' parodies.. shame on you Starz, im very dissapointed to see DaVincis Demons is no more.. fuck your zombie crap.

  5. dvdv7777
    dvdv7777 says:

    Such an awesome character. One of the very few occasions where a character is utterly terrifying, completely bonkers, snarky as hell, sooo charismatic, and hilarious at the same time. These traits are usually completely at odds with each other, but somehow, Vlad pulls it off.


    Batiya bak dracula diye bir korkakla ovunuyor vahşi diyor ulan siz vahsilik gormek istiyorsaniz dunyayi titreten cengiz han ve mogollara bakin timurlenge bakin bunlarin tozuna yetisemezsiniz

  7. Skywalker Samadhi
    Skywalker Samadhi says:

    The actor playing Vlad the Impaler, Paul Rhys also portrayed Beethoven in an amazing BBC documentary called The Genius of Beethoven.
    Seems like the guy specializes in playing parts that Gary Oldman already took a swing at.
    The next logical step is for him to play Gary Oldman in a bioptic about the actor. I have no doubt he would kill it. Great actor.


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