Daisy Jones & the Six – Official Trailer | Prime Video

The rest is history. Watch Daisy Jones & the Six March 3, only on Prime Video.

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Daisy Jones & the Six – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Prime Video

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30 replies
  1. Shahed Moussallem
    Shahed Moussallem says:

    What is stupid is how everyone is complaining about the changes in Camilla’s character. Do you think a woman who sees that her husband is having this much chemistry, this much proximity and the other woman is clearly in love with does not get jealous? Do you think that she never doubts his fidelity? Do you think she never had a doubt in him? You are delusional if you think so… If there hadn’t been any of those feelings she wouldn’t have sent Daisy far away from them at the end of the book. She did see Daisy as a threat to their relationship

  2. carolyn c
    carolyn c says:

    I just read the book, in anticipation of the series. I'm a long-time Stevie Nicks fan, and I know the author is too. The book/movie is different and the same as Stevie and Lindsey's relationship at the same time. Both Stevie and Daisy are from upper-class families. Daisy is more of a LA version with uncaring parents coming up through the groupie / LA Sunset Strip scene. Stevie is from Northern California and Arizona and had very caring parents she was the apple of their eye. Stevie and Lindsey met in high school, fell in love with their first band Fritz, had their own album as Buckingham Nicks, and then joined FM. Stevie like Daisy had a clear vision of herself and confidence, but hers came from being a poet/songwriter. Stevie never did the groupie route and had that kind of upper-middle-class childhood and her ambition moved Stevie and Lindsey along more so then even Lindsey's did (he was more artistic but not as driven as Stevie). When Billy and Daisy meet my happenstance in the band, they don't have a relationship that existed before the band. Lindsey's girlfriend at the time of Fleetwood Mac wasn't as like admirable as Camilla. Lindsey's girlfriend went on a talk show later saying Lindsey was abusive and they both abused coke. The woman he's married to know and has three kids with (MUCH younger than Lindsey) is more of a Camilla type in a way that's she stable and they raised three beautiful kids that are now college / high school aged and she stood by him with his recent heart attack after being fired from the band.

  3. fatima
    fatima says:

    i’m hoping they don’t turn camila into a woman scorned. she knew billy loved daisy but he loved camila and his life more, i hope they don’t erase that

  4. Carolina Silva
    Carolina Silva says:

    I like how they added complexity to Camila. In the book, she was always sure that Billy would do the right thing and stay with his family. This ensured that Billy was seen in a more positive light than if she did have doubts about how strong his commitment was to his family. However, if there are interviews AND flashbacks, then that shows the contrast between confident Camila with hindsight on her side and younger Camila trying to believe Billy.

  5. bruxa corujinha
    bruxa corujinha says:

    Guys, the series hasn't even started and you're already making a fuss. Just because Camila is crying in the trailer doesn't mean she's going to be so different from the book.
    Even because I doubt she was as strong as she made out to be. There is no such thing as not feeling jealous. if she was that good she wouldn't need to talk to Daisy at the hotel.
    This in itself shows a certain insecurity. I love Camila, but she's not perfect, nobody is. If I were in an interview, maybe I wouldn't admit that I was jealous eitheis
    She was strong, but she was also human.

  6. matt
    matt says:

    sad they changed the lyrics to honeycomb : ( means we’re probably going to get robbed of the best scene with billy and daisy at the end of the book.


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