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It’s not love…it’s war. Watch the series premiere of Dangerous Liaisons Sunday, November 6 on STARZ.

Song: “Before I Met You” by Banks

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“Dangerous Liaisons” is a bold prelude of Laclos’ classic 18th century novel focusing on the origin story of how his iconic characters, the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont, met as passionate young lovers in Paris on the eve of the revolution. This modern take on a classic story takes audiences through wonder and terror, beauty and degradation, seduction and deception in pre-revolutionary Paris. Driven to right the wrongs of their past, the young couple’s survival depends on their skills of seduction and manipulation of not only the French nobility but of each other. Alice Englert and Nicholas Denton portray the notorious lovers: Camille who is taken in by the current Marquise de Merteuil (played by Lesley Manville) navigates her own path in a world of men, using the power of secrets to take back control, and Valmont who will stop at nothing to regain his title that was recently taken from him. Their on- again off-again love story is the heart of the series. It’s not love… it’s war.

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  1. Jason Mistretta
    Jason Mistretta says:

    This is a possibility. I liked the 1989 movie as well as Cruel Intentions. I generally only watch Starz for Outlander. Maybe I will wait for the new season of Outlander and then binge this show On Demand when the new season of Outlander airs.

  2. James Perrie
    James Perrie says:

    This looks sick! Gorgeous costumes, locations, design, photography. Anyone familiar with Alice Englert’s work knows she’s an inspired choice to play a young Merteuil. Super intrigued to see Nicholas Denton as Valmont. And I ALWAYS have time for Carice van Houten, Lesley Manville and Kosar Ali. Can’t wait!


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