Dangerous Liaisons | Official Trailer | Netflix

As the innocent Célène (Paola Locatelli) falls in love with popular surfer Tristan (Simon Rérolle) in her new school, she has no idea that she’s the object of a cruel bet between Tristan and Instagram queen Vanessa (Ella Pellegrini)
Dangerous Liaisons, a film starring Paola Locatelli and Simon Rérolle, only on Netflix, July 8th.

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Dangerous Liaisons | Official Trailer | Netflix

36 replies
    REAL LIFE says:

    A bad girl allways find a bad gang as like this girl of movie,and the bustard boy of the movie never will a good person i hate this type of boy and girl,i curse them through to hell.

  2. Lukie Tiger
    Lukie Tiger says:

    this movie is horrible, it incites drugs, betrayal, toxic relationships, lies, orgies. All this among minors. It is a film that shows the reality we live in today, but as if it were something normal, something good. bad movie

  3. Zaazil cabreja
    Zaazil cabreja says:

    Bueno, esta película se roba la trama de crueles intenciones y la pone en 2022 tiene subtramas que parecen relleno pero bueno cumple la función de entretener, mi personaje favorito en definitiva fue el amigo gay

  4. The Queen of the New Day
    The Queen of the New Day says:

    I just finished watching this movie and I don’t know how to feel about. I do like how most people is saying this is giving them cruel intention vibes but then the movie got really bazaar. No lie though but the main character cousin was one of my favorites throughout the movie.

  5. trident065
    trident065 says:

    I like the Glen Close close 80s adaptation especially the last few scenes. Cruel Intentions is still a favorite. I like foreign films but have to get myself up for reading subtitles.

  6. ClaJu ToLa
    ClaJu ToLa says:

    I just watched this movie, always watched all the versions of this novel and always love the twists I even watched the korean version but this modern french one top all of them and Im a mom of 3 and over 40 yrs I just loved it!

  7. C A
    C A says:

    The 80s version with Glen Glose and John Malkovichi w/Michelle Pfieffer is still the gold standard but this looks…hmm, interesting? I'd rather see them condense and do a series based on the book Clarissa by Richardson

  8. The Ziggy
    The Ziggy says:

    what's hilarious about this is that Paola Locatelli is stop-and-stare gorgeous and Simon Rérolle is just kind of average, Euro good-looking white dude. And if it's a class thing… Paola Locatelli's looks would trump that easily and make all the rich folx fall to her feel/pay her way so that she would hang with them. Realistically, she would own that school. lol


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