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A missing child causes four families to help each other for answers. What they could not imagine is that this mystery would be connected to innumerable other secrets of the small town.

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  1. MI Chowdhury ABIR
    MI Chowdhury ABIR says:

    Hey You people who are reading my comment I want to give you some spoiler free review of dark. I know youtube comment section is full of Spoilers. But if you still didn’t get any spoiler you can read my full review.

    So at first you will see the fathe of jonas whose name is michel kahnwald will suicide. You will see another boy named Mikkel, who is marthas brother in 2019 but at that time he travel to past and then married to hannah and became the father of jonas.
    You will see Bartosz. But let me tell you Bartoscz will marry silja who is the daughter of hannah and eugon. Silja and Bartosz will have 2 childrens named Noah and Agnes. Agnes is the grand mother of Ulrich.
    Noah will marry Elisabeth and the fun fact is in 2019 Elisabeth will be the daughter of Sharllote but also Sharllote is the daughter of elizabeth, I know its confusing but you will find out after seeing the show.
    You will see Adam and Eva who are actually the older version of Jonas and Martha.
    Adam(Jonas) will kill his mom Hannah and katharina will be killed by her own mother.Claudia will kill her father eugon.
    Claudia is one of the main character, she knows everything. In season 3 you will see the 3 versions of same man. That person is actually the son of Jonas and Martha.
    In season 1 mid version of Jonas will save the 2019 Jonas by the end. In second season you will see a gang leader who is actually Elisabeth and one girl will free jonas who is sijla, technically the sister of jonas. The apocalypse will happen but jonas will went to the another world by the end of season 2.
    In season 3 you will be introduced to two different world( other one is without jonas) and two different reality( In one jonas will go to the another world and he will be killed by martha and in other jonas will somehow save the apocalypse)

    Main thing is both of this world was created by the man who is Watch seller, he is actually a scientist. His son, son's wife and children died. Then at the grief of their losing the scient created the two worlds and that is the origin. In the end jonas and martha will save them from death and all two world and who were in the knot ( like jonas,martha,claudia) will be vanished in the end.
    This is how this show ends.in the ending you will see that hannah and woller were dating and hannah got pregnant ( this happens after jonas and hannah became successful to break the knot) and she decided the name of her child. Guess what?? "Jonas"
    One thing that through cave time matchine they can travel only 33 years forward and downward.

    So thank you for reading this big spoiler free review.

    Fun fact is I have ruined your fun to watch the show by giving you so big big spoilers if you have read till last.
    Don't forget to thank me.

  2. Lasha Hari
    Lasha Hari says:

    Jonas Also Adam
    – Asked his father to die
    – killed his mom
    – killed his aunt also gf
    – Using his friend's son , he killed the lady who solved the puzzle and killed him by his own sister who is also his grandfather's grandmother
    – Finally in origin Hannah names his born to be son – JONAS

  3. Hehe Höhö
    Hehe Höhö says:

    I don't understand why people are comparing DARK and Stranger Things. Both are very good and have different storylines. I like ST more but I love both. And I respect your opinion so please respect my opinion


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