Das Boot – Trailer

Complete Season 1 Streaming June 17, only on Hulu.

During the Autumn of 1942, in occupied France, U-612 is now ready for its maiden voyage, preparing to head into the increasingly brutal warfare with its young crewmen, including the new captain, Klaus Hoffmann. As the 40 young men take on their first mission, they struggle with the cramped and claustrophobic conditions of life underwater. Their personalities are pushed to the limit as tensions rise and loyalties begin to shatter.

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24 replies
  1. Mark G
    Mark G says:

    This show is OK if you wanna watch a spy themed and resistance story in the occupied France. But don't expect it to be focused on the U-Boats warfare, attacking convoys, the crew experience… it's just the 20% of the show and poorly done. It's just like Pearl Harbour movie, yeah, it's themed on Pearl Harbour, but it's a love story with some planes and bombs here and there.

    The 2nd season is BS if you expect some U-boat experience. But hey, if you are bored and have nothing to do…

  2. Snake
    Snake says:

    I liked the show, but i also had some issues with it. It had a little too much propaganda in it, it focused too little on the actual U-Boats for a show called Das Boot, of course the leader of the French resistance is an American. I love the 1981 Das Boot but this show didn't feel like it should share the same name as there's too much about politics and the occupation of France where the original movie was just about sharing the horrible experience of being on a U Boat against a relentless enemy. In the movie, you forget that you are watching a German crew and it makes you feel very sympathetic as they are just sailors trying to do their best to survive in an impossible situation. The movie is about the reality and the men and not the ideologies involved where the show wants you to take a side and is ALL about ideology and very little about every day men trying to get by.

  3. Rash Toad
    Rash Toad says:

    По одному трейлеру вилно как фильм далёк от оригинала. Спасибо зоть негров в экипаж не засунули.

  4. like SNAKE
    like SNAKE says:

    Хеджхог , он же їжак ,він вистрілявся -є попадання ? Якщо море вздибилось значить труба u boat hub

  5. Tolik Alonso
    Tolik Alonso says:

    Короче, ересь как и все современное. Куча любовной линии и чуток про боевые будни, но назовем сериал das Boat. Конечно)))


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