DAWN OF X Official Trailer | Marvel Comics

Witness the birth of a new era for Mutantkind this October. Find All-New X-Men Series at your local comic shop, on the Marvel Comics App, and on Marvel.com!

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25 replies
  1. Stephan Williams
    Stephan Williams says:

    I'm glad that Marvel remembers that they have The X-Men in their comic book stables and are making an effort to make them relevant again. I liked the Inhumans but they just didn't work for me as an Mutant alterative

  2. Just Some Guy with a Mustache
    Just Some Guy with a Mustache says:

    Cyclops: "Alright. They didn't let a single Summers onto the Quiet Council's Summer division. So we'll make OUR OWN Summers' Division! A team full of Summers!"
    Rachel and Kid Cable: "Uh, dad?"
    Cyclops: "?" looks immediately behind him "What the-?! LOGAN? Get out of here! You're not family!"
    Logan glances over at Jean, Jean averts her eyes
    Cyclops: "…Fine."

  3. Artriven
    Artriven says:

    Yes its time for x-men to shine again, and they're absolutely killin' it right now tih this storyline, I like to see them win and feel proud with their power and gift. The dawn of X-men indeed

  4. jd benton
    jd benton says:

    Dawn of X was the fresh start the X-Men needed, it’s gotten more interesting and tackled how the mutants as a whole are now in charge of their own nation though I will miss the character of Old Man Logan but it is good having the original Wolverine back


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