Day the Earth Stood Still | Movie Trailer | 20th Century FOX

A trailer for the remake of the 1951 classic sci-fi film about an alien visitor and his giant robot counterpart who visit Earth


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Day the Earth Stood Still | Movie Trailer | 20th Century FOX

27 replies
  1. Hector Rojas
    Hector Rojas says:

    I just saw this movie for the first time tonight. It was a good movie, but Jaden Smith's character is absolutely annoying. This is almost an entire movie on why not to be a step parent.

  2. Neo Geo
    Neo Geo says:

    hey humans. You fckd up, it is over… "hey we can change".. – ok, then, i'll stop the whole project… (that was the thing i didn't like about the movie… just let the world start from scratch and kill everything on it except some indivuals… why not a bad ending?! would have fit so well to the whole theme of the movie. instead they went for a forced happy ending and product placement all over the film.

  3. Hector Solis
    Hector Solis says:

    So why was it necessary to change the original story and have a woman from a mixed race marriage and child in it? I am tired of trying to be manipulated with other people's views on politics and social order and I especially don't appreciate YouTube's bias and unfair and Unconstitutional regulation of it.

  4. Eigelgregoss Weisse
    Eigelgregoss Weisse says:

    This is actually based on a true story, with this reboot. Airl the alien, common themes of humanity, back then they said it was about climate change, global warming and all. Today, and the future, we may see this as truth inside fictional story. (they said it was predictive programming)….

  5. Theo TV
    Theo TV says:

    They had the best actor they could ever asked for and they made him act as a bland, dumbfounded character that did nothing remotely memorable throughout the film.

  6. skyhawk77
    skyhawk77 says:

    24th February 2022 – The day Vladimir Putin invaded and decimated Ukraine, by air, land and sea, killed thousands of men, women and children, caused millions to flee their homes and brought war to Europe not seen since World War 2. The irony is that Vladimir Putin is actually shown in this film. Extreme weather events with the North Pole and South Pole ice caps melting with temperatures 17 degrees hotter than they should be.

  7. Karolis Paplevkinas
    Karolis Paplevkinas says:

    Can a foreigner from another world, while in this world, openly not hide and say that he is a foreigner? This leads to theories that he is either a devious king of Israel or that he is mentally ill. And even more so, it happens on YouTube. It encourages you all to think my monkeys. But it is unhealthy for monkeys to think too much when a jaguar approaches them in the jungle. Everything is very simple. A secret mission. And now it's not secret. Whether the UK unmasked the secret mission in 2021 or not ? It's clear.

  8. Sam A
    Sam A says:

    I want to see the sequel to this movie where humanity unites, makes the world a better places and vows to seekout and destroy the alien invaders that launched an unprovoked attack on all of humanity!

  9. Richy_Rich
    Richy_Rich says:

    if we get a rat ,.flea, ants or any other infestation we exterminate it without a thought, now imagine aliens coming to earth amd doing the same amd viewing us as a destructive pest to the earth

  10. electromechanical stuff
    electromechanical stuff says:

    It's not humanity that stopped Nichola Tesla, or any of the greatest inventors from revolutionary technology. It was a handful of elites. It has always been and will always be a handful of elites that will allow the world to rot to pad their pockets. Wars, famine, all so a few may control the population

  11. John Davidson
    John Davidson says:

    The little black kid spoilt it for me. If someone is different you don’t immediately think Alien. Or you’d be doing that in NY every day. A bit of an obnoxious little kid.


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