Deadpool Video Game – Launch Trailer – Now on Sale

Get set for the “Deadpool” video game with the brand-new trailer featuring dubstep, mayhem and more, featuring guest appearances by Cable, Wolverine, Psylocke and Rogue!

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38 replies
  1. Jacob G
    Jacob G says:

    the only thing that could've been better about this trailer is if ryan reynolds voiced deadpool. once you hear ryan reynolds as deadpool, every other voice just sounds…wrong.

  2. danek
    danek says:

    i think am i the first comment from 2020 btw please release the game again i played it on my friends pc and i want to play it again on my own the game is very cool and fun to play alot of humor which i like its 10/10 i would never pull this out the market

  3. TenAte108
    TenAte108 says:

    I remember when i saw the characters in this game and it made me open Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and choose cable, deadpool, wolverine and psylocke as a team


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