DEVIL’S REIGN Trailer | Marvel Comics

Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s DEVIL’S REIGN, a brand-new Marvel Comics event, kicks off in December! WHO WILL REIGN?

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43 replies
  1. Human Person
    Human Person says:

    Every event… There's going to be a bunch of loose ends when it's done… The tie-ins/crossovers are going to be unnecessary and confusing and is probably going to conflict with other characters storylines thusly fracturing the continuity of everything else that's still going on… seems like a lot of work for a Daredevil story that sounds like it's from the late 90's-early to mid 2000's. And make sure to put every single character in it plus every Spider-Man themed characters in it. We need all of this extra to just cram it into this tiny box until it rips at the seams! Gonna beat this dead horse until money stops coming out of it!!!
    But yet, I still can't wait to see what happens. I can't help but love this overly complicated nonsense.

  2. Chen Sirui
    Chen Sirui says:

    the death at the end of issue 5 is actually very sad. that character have gone through so much trying to live as a real person and died in the end, lets hope the rock he was carrying can be used again to bring him back again.


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