Dietland: ‘Join the Revolution’ Official Teaser

Time to change the game. Don’t miss the premiere of back-to-back episodes on Monday, June 4 at 9/8c.

#Dietland #AMC

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Dietland Teaser: Join the Revolution

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20 replies
  1. nukleareaktor
    nukleareaktor says:

    stop wasting your money on stupid fucking shows and spend it into something more useful. like i dont know giving the walking dead a higher pay cut so they can get even higher ratings

  2. Axess2084
    Axess2084 says:

    Just imagine a group of fat guys going stalking and murdering a bunch of pretty women who made fun of them and humiliated them. Imagine the uproar. Imagine the protests. Imagine the screaming and howling that would ensue. But, yet, AMC allows this disgusting, hateful book to be made into a series on their network. When will people realize what is 'too far'? When will they wake up to the sickness that is Misandry? It is JUST as sick as Misogyny but is not allowed such lenience.


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