Divorce Trailer (HBO)

This is the story of a very, very long divorce. Divorce, HBO’s new comedy series starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church premieres October 9 at 10PM.


Watch: http://its.hbo/hbonowyt

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  1. douglas787
    douglas787 says:

    HBO hits it out of the park again. SJP still looks great and this role is perfect for her. Love the show and I'm going to hang myself if they cancel it early like HBO did with Vinyl.

  2. Bitch English
    Bitch English says:

    What are they hoping for? A hit series, because people who miss Carrie Bradshaw will watch it… You should have cast Charlotte or Miranda… Or better ditch the script and make a series about SAMANTHA JONES backpacking in Southeast Asia.

  3. peplika
    peplika says:

    i watched this trailer to see if it could be something relateable and idk i wish there was a divorce story around average americans like folks without expensive divorce lawyers and with more at stake

  4. MsMarks
    MsMarks says:

    This was a really good show. Very smart and funny. I just wish the ending had been more hopeful for the main characters…i never fully grasped what they were yearning for. To get back together ? Find new love ? Be alone ? But i liked that the therapist lady decided to adopt 🙂 & molly shannon was good!


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