DOWNFALL: The Case Against Boeing | Official Trailer | Netflix

A searing investigation of a once-iconic company and its tragic failures, DOWNFALL: The Case Against Boeing exposes how Wall Street’s influence and Boeing’s crumbling internal culture resulted in two historic plane crashes, 346 fatalities, and a shocking cover-up. Directed and produced by Rory Kennedy. Produced and co-written by Mark Bailey. Executive produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard.


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DOWNFALL: The Case Against Boeing | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. rtsp
    rtsp says:

    Why the people responsible – all of CEO's who literally does that and watch only on stock prices didn't pay for this disaster ? They should be let go with socks to realize others how not to do. They are a coachroaches of the society.

  2. Keyboard Dancers
    Keyboard Dancers says:

    This documentary is an absolutely devastating indictment of a very heavily profit oriented corporate culture. The deaths on those two planes cost boeing $2.5 billion in compensaton and ensured no boeing executive could face criminal prosecution. The CEO at the time was made to resign but still received $62 million severance.

  3. Team Garner
    Team Garner says:

    My God I NEVER want to fly on a Boeing aircraft again. The focus on greed and shareholder profits should NEVER be the metric for companies to gauge their success when their primary responsibility is safety. The culture shift from safety to profits triggered the “do more with less” way of doing business which makes the probability of error or leaving foreign debris in the aircraft skyrocket. Who knows…there’s probably debris in their operating aircraft built before the 737 Max disaster. Boeing literally got away with murder and the CEO resigned with a $62M golden parachute. Would the Boeing execs want their families to fly their planes? Hell no. Trust is hard earned and easily lost when safety is on the line. Aviation has no room for error. This is a real world cautionary example of the doom created by letting profits trump scienctific expertise, doing more with less, decreasing oversight and accountability, poor ethics, lack of professionalism, corrupt leadership, and fostering a culture of covering up issues and concerns. Very disturbing. I’m so angry thinking about all the victims, their families, and especially the pilots who met their end in utter terror, confusion, and despair. Every Boeing office should have a memorial for those lost as a reminder of the cost for not putting safety first and not listening to their engineers. This is disgusting and pure evil. I hope Boeing is changing their culture but even if they have, I do not want to fly on their planes for a very long time.

  4. Stefan
    Stefan says:

    346 people died in those 2 crashes. In March 2022, after the documentary got out, another 132 people died in another Boeing plane. 0 people in jail. Long live corporate America. Give us democracy please.

  5. Tee Thaistralian
    Tee Thaistralian says:

    This had me in tears. the victims and their families of this scandal deserve so much more. Dennis Muilenburg got his golden handshake, Boeing escaped criminal prosecution by paying 2.5 Billion dollars. The families of the victims received peanuts in comparison. The undertones of racism towards the pilots and authorities of those airlines involved was disgraceful. I don't think I will ever fly Boeing again.

  6. Theofilia Viyoshi
    Theofilia Viyoshi says:

    First time heard news of lion air accident, i wasn't surprise. Knowing that Lion Air have pretty rough history on serving their customers. I used to avoid take a flight with lion air for any occasion. But Following the news and how unjust the truth were revealing, and how inhumane Boeing's executive treat all the victim and airlines craft. How lousy and failed the Boeing's executive to express condolences. I stand for Lion Air since knowing the truth.

  7. Kuiella Taldama
    Kuiella Taldama says:

    I just saw the documentary today and it is worrisome. They started cutting corners. First, it was to save some money. Later on… they got used to doing crappy work that was sloppy and now the company is a mess.

  8. opelduude
    opelduude says:

    The american spirit is to make as much profit as possible. Nothing is built with pride anymore. Money money money. Its never enough money. Instead of creating a stable company it's always about increasing profits. When it's costing people's life, it's time to take a f.. step back.

  9. thefuturedrive
    thefuturedrive says:

    Just finished it. Points to a deeply concerning culture within Boeing – felt more like a 1960s kind of company with little regard for people. Whenever Boeing comes out with new products I will probably avoid them for some time until the planes prove themselves.

  10. kiinashe
    kiinashe says:

    i just finished watching this documentary this is so well made, but i was outraged by this in literally every second they showed the true face of boeing, deducted the engineer's salary because he wrote about any problems found during inspections, covered up any findings that had a potential catastrophic event, and how the hell on earth they blamed the pilots by saying that "that wouldn't happen to american pilots" while the pilot was studying in america, didn't “follow boeing procedures” where the Ethiopian pilots followed boeing procedures but STILL HAPPENED A FATAL ACCIDENT while everyone at boeing KNOW VERY KNOW they were hiding a system that alters the function of an engine, totally beyond common sense. all that they do just because of money and money, ignore the regulations, i cant believe this

  11. Doug InOrlando
    Doug InOrlando says:

    Boeing moving headquarters to DC proves their priorities … instead of safe airplanes and improved airplanes by moving closer to the work actually happening in the design offices & factories, they moved closer to the politicians … it’s not a good look.

  12. Sean Patrick Kang
    Sean Patrick Kang says:

    A lesson learned for all how being competitive also brings others' life to death. If you put money over everything, utmost shame and downfall quickly follows you. Lesson learned Boeing folks.

  13. Fzka_
    Fzka_ says:

    Cant believe such a huge company acting immaturely by blaming the crews and other countries. I dont see them taking any responsibility other than just throwing childish words at the crews and the Lion Air company. That’s painfully disgusting. Cant look at Boeing the same again.

  14. Leonid Dro
    Leonid Dro says:

    This whole MCAS System is wreak solution to a serious problem which is still existing. The engines are to big for this air plane which was never designed for them. It is freaking me out that these air planes are still operating today… At the end innocent people lost their lives, the former CEO got over 20 millions dollars of money instead being behind bars, and of course at the end customers are paying all of that. Disgusting.

  15. GH1618
    GH1618 says:

    Muilenburg was so obviously mishandling the problem from the beginning, it’s shocking that it took so long for the board to dump him, after he had compounded the damage. It was an indication that the board itself was incompetent to oversee the operation of an airplane company. Then, they put one of their own in charge. The craziest part is that Muilenburg is back in business somewhere else. I can’t imagine why any company would hire him in a position of responsibility.

    Only one other executive was fired that I am aware of, and we still don’t know anything about how this debacle was allowed to happen.

  16. GH1618
    GH1618 says:

    All these remarks in the comments about the crash in China are a distraction. A few years ago, a Germanwings A320 was flown into a mountain. So should we ground all the Airbus planes as well as the Boeing planes?

  17. no
    no says:

    And yet, a certain Boeing Executive departed with a staggering so-called 'Golden Handshake' and is now involved in a new, rather, ah, interesting investment opportunity. Saw the PBS documentaru s couple of years ago. Now looking forward to seeing this Netflix one. My father worked for a very large aviation firm. He flew Boeing aircraft. Loved them. Loved his Company. He has long since passed. But this 'terror of errors'™ would have killed him.

  18. Leigh B
    Leigh B says:

    Did Boeing knowingly put an unsafe aircraft into service? Yes and blamed the dead pilots when they crashed. Appalling evil greedy old men. & Not one of them in jail

  19. Charles Jones
    Charles Jones says:

    This really makes me mad. Boeing was one of the few American companies that was still reputable. That still valued quality over profit. Then McDonnal Douglas comes in and ruins it. It's because of people like this that nobody buys American any more if they can help it. We're seen any nothing more than money grubbers who will put out the cheapest, lowest quality product they can legally get away with to maximize profit. They only people this benefits are executives and shareholders, and even then only in the short term. This is so unbelievably short sighted. Airlines bought from Boeing because they trusted their product. Thanks to know-nothing executives, they no longer do, and will rightly turn to companies like Airbus instead.

  20. Carpe_ Poon
    Carpe_ Poon says:

    I cant wrap my mind around it. As always law makers have a 'hearing' so they can ask questions which corporate and big tech say 'I was not aware…' 'Not to my knowledge'. And escape justice. The world keeps turning, we dont matter


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