Drew Michael (2018) Official Trailer | Stand-Up Special | HBO

Drew Michael has written for Saturday Night Live, guest starred in The Carmichael Show, and now has his very own stand-up special on HBO. Watch the premiere August 25 at 10PM on HBO.

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27 replies
  1. Roo H
    Roo H says:

    Utterly stupid, a pathetic attempt at convincing everyone about his self assumed intellectual superiority, because I'm at a hotel for a few days with no cable guide I kept looking at the HBO schedule trying to figure out what on Earth this garbage nonsense is? It showed on the schedule a guy promoted as a comic, but then the show itself is just a load of blabbity diarrhea. This is nearly as bad as that Urban poetry crap they try to put on all the time.

  2. Donny Money
    Donny Money says:

    This white man is so privileged he can make a "comedy special" with no comedy and still get a show while talented female artists like any schumer, Hannah gadsby, and Leslie jones have to struggle! I'm so sick of men not checking their privilege!! Reminds me of Donald trump!

  3. yeaboi55
    yeaboi55 says:

    Not a traditional comedy special. Very few “jokes” (in the traditional sense). But what I can say is…it left me feeling…something. Three days later and I’m still thinking about what I watched.

    It’s art. And if that isn’t your thing, don’t watch it. But if it is…OH BOY! Buckle the fuck up because you are going for one hell of a ride.

  4. odibex
    odibex says:

    this is pretty brave, a commercial that has no funny elements promoting a stand-up* special. not elements I personally find funny, there's no attempt made at comedy at all. no, interesting tack, really. am I supposed to be excited he made a vague allusion to fucking his mom over dubstep? that was fresh a couple thousand years ago, I guess? well, not the dubstep part, admittedly.

    *and, no, it's not stand-up if it's not in front of an audience. c'mon guys you know that.


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