Emergency – Official Trailer | Prime Video

It’s not what it looks like 👀 Be sure to stream #EmergencyMovie on May 27 only on Prime Video!

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Emergency – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Prime Video

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19 replies
  1. donovan salgado
    donovan salgado says:

    Idk how to feel about this movie I mean what was the message ?
    Like Sean was in the the right all along ?
    That all they saw was a black man taking advantage of couple of women teens and treated like a criminal even though they had multiple reports of a couple of black men driving suspicious in a van who may or may not have kidnap a white girl and then when the police arrived they refuse to pull over and led them to a chase until they were cut off and the only man left in the car refuse to get out on top of an unconsciously girl.
    So is it trying to tell Me that the police was in the wrong in that situation that the shouldn't assume the worst ?
    Idk Kunle had some points and it looks like their were going to debate but nope the ending with Kunle slapping the door on Maddy face when she tried to apologize and is cool with Sean who learns no lesson in this as he was alway just trying to have fun with his friend, who now has ptsd every time he hears a siren. For a minute I thought they were going to show that kunle did in fact died by police shooting at the end and that everything after is what he wish happen if he didn't die and that he's in some kind of purgatory and that he's situation should have been avoided if he just call the cops and not listen to Sean or if he was not judge by the color of his skin
    Would have been a great ending

  2. Emily
    Emily says:

    Imagine being that drunk, barely conscious and all of a sudden you’re aware that you’re in a random car with a random dude asking “did YOU ever want to go to Mars??” 
    I didn’t appreciate the hilariousness of it at the time because I was so stressed about what was happening.


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