Ethics Training w/ Kim Wexler: Marketing | Better Call Saul

In the first installment of a new continuing legal education course, Schweikart & Cokely Senior Partner Kim Wexler details the importance of properly (and legally) branding your practice and attracting new clients.

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Ethics Training With Kim Wexler: Marketing

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18 replies
  1. Bob Crane
    Bob Crane says:

    In all fairness, as long as the lawyer gets paid; "HE didn't lose." (Or she, only emphasizing that the lawyer gets paid either way.) There was a lawyer accused of trading sex for service (if it's the client's idea, I don't see an issue; obviously turning down cash and insisting on 'Dat @$$' is another story.) He said "She's just upset because she still has to serve time for the people she killed." It was a manslaughter charge, turned out a lot of clients came forward and he's doing more time than someone who committed violent rape would get.

  2. Gregg Vitiello
    Gregg Vitiello says:

    Wow… after the first half of season 6 I am at a loss for words as to what she has now made herself apart of. No more remorse for Kimmy heading into the 2nd half of s6.

  3. Russell Cole
    Russell Cole says:

    Having been a lawyer in California for 33 years, I can honestly say I really, really wish I could take a course of this quality to satisfy the requirement of one hour of ethics training every three years. They are usually some badly-shot video of a conference where some lawyer is relating war stories about other lawyers who screwed up while the attendee mostly ignore the process.

  4. Tsar Fox
    Tsar Fox says:

    Ah yes Ethics training with Kim. After this we'll be watching "the dangers of addiction" with Tuco followed by "how to be a good husband" with Walter White.


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