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Nine Perfect Strangers, the new mini series starring Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy, is now streaming new episodes every Wednesday, only on Hulu.

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    No other Like my own skin says:

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    In time.

    3 time bigger than Disney buying Fox Company in 2019.

    Can they buy
    Hulu Company?

    In April 2026

    To Bring more Relax connect for All need Sexually

    To buy Hulu our
    Studio Ghibli 51% & Nintendo 49%

    Current Company
    Disney & Fox and other companies



  2. No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin says:

    Can you work on?

    Eye Care

    Rapid Eye Movement

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    New technology for the screenplay on your smartphone & Other Technology Devices.

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    Recognize where your eyes usually go.

    Plus unusual patterns of adaptable.

    Your Human Experience.

    Make more Personal.

    Can you provide?

    Learned that the softness of the colors on the screen.

    Adaptable technology.

    Can you provide?

    As well as other patterns that you may not fully comprehend.

    How your brain tries to protect itself because you may not know.

    Stay Calm.

    Can you provide?

    The new technology.

    Is recognizing your eyes.

    With the camera and your mobility.

    Recognizing your mobility skills.

    Technology for unwanted or fully  understood movement of body.

    To relax the eyes from the screen and whole phone experience or the technology of choice.

    Touch of Screen.
    To talk yourself.
    To the adoptable sounds.
    Comprehending what is going on with your choosing and what bodies doing.

    New Technology Advancement.

    Recognizing the movements that happening.

    Allowing the body to do what's necessary.

    Then recognizing those patterns and trying to calm the body.

    In a direction that is not force but learn technology.

    So you can pick how long the technology learn see your movements.

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    With recognizing where the eye is seeing on the screen with the camera.

    Individuals who have uncontrollable eye movement or body gesture.

    Not to force any adoptable changes.

    Allowing the body.

    To do what it does best. For body.

    Allowing our part to figure out how to calm the body with the eye movement recognize.

    From the screen support.

    From camera recognize technology.

    In recognizing what happening.

    Adapt to the body needs.

    Softness on the eyes going.

    On the spot on the screen that we can recognize.

    Implementing music or Sounds that can also come the body that may help the eye patterns.

    More research will help us with rapid unknowing pattern eye for eye care.

    Also recognizing if your eyes to soar or recognizable pain.

    Fatigued any other emotions or concerns I could possibly arrive.

    Additional information that we can gather that can benefit you and other parties for new technology advances.

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    Other concerns.

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    In April 2023.

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    Preciseable technology for eye care movements.

    Thank you.

    Stay calm.


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