Evolving Resident Evil | Netflix

An inside look at Netflix’s TV adaptation of the Resident Evil franchise.

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Evolving Resident Evil | Netflix

Years after a viral outbreak caused a global apocalypse, Jade Wesker vows to bring down those responsible while fighting to survive against the Infected.

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  1. Alcoholic Goat
    Alcoholic Goat says:

    If it didn't have the names of the characters or title then people wouldn't hate it as much. These characters share nothing with their game counterparts. Lance Reddick is great but he's better than this

  2. afonso prates
    afonso prates says:

    This serie hurts ,i was soo hyped to watch it ,now after 6episodes im just sad and annoyed .Who is this Wesker ,ghe kid jade is an awfull actress or perhaps its just verry verry bad writing and story telling .all resident evil fans hate this ,perhaps stop using the names of popular beloved franchises to premote ur horrible shows ,call it highschool zombi or some bs like that

  3. Isaiah Cruz
    Isaiah Cruz says:

    Just finished watch this and this is the definition of not giving a shit about the fan based. P.s this is me being nice I trying not to get in trouble with YouTube

  4. A S
    A S says:

    Watched episode 1 and part of episode 2. Just awful. If you like whiny teens with zero discipline, episode 1 is for you. If you like someone jumping off a 4 story building and landing with little more than an "ouch" grimace and not even a sign of a broken bone (among other "that's ridiculous even for this type of show" moments), then episode 2 is for you. The infected makeup looks like it was purchased at Party City. This is a total waste of time and of Lance Reddick.

  5. Marlon Estrella
    Marlon Estrella says:

    Make sure each and every person involved in this garbage especially the writers never find a job in creative arts again….. Lance reddick you are a great actor my dude but you shouldnt have involved yourself with this filth…… not even Mr. wick would have survived this trash of a series

    Thank HOF it’s got canceled

  6. MercAl
    MercAl says:

    Im not some kind of child who watch Squid game or daily among us gameplays on youtube.

    After watching the serie, as an adult i can say this movie is not for children
    I watch sometimes movies and played long time ago the resident evil series and watched the movie and i remember good that there was a white or brown wesker guy now in this serie i se he is a black dude but hey it's not a problem when there are new movies and the people who play on it!
    The wesker guy did a great job playing the role.
    What's the worst of it is like i said this movie is not for children and hey i gotta say it right there is no hidding on this.
    Netflix is the dude who made mistakes here, netflix put 2 or more children in the movie who play the big Role on it and the whole movie goes after these 2 children netflix is trying to convince children to watch the movie because children are in there, netflix thinks they know the formula they put a children on it but they forgot it's not among us or squid game! it's Resident Evil.
    So it's messy and bloody to the head, the children audience are gone this movie should even be banned for children because it's for adults. i mean older people and not fainted hearts.
    And that's where im trying to get, Netflix made a zombie movie with children.
    Me personally i loved it When the adults older people played on the serie, but when those children came in i was like really boored, I always remove or delete children movies so i don't have to see em again.
    Just learned on google That netflix canelled season 2 because the serie didn't got the top 10 Spike. it was only in 2 weeks 70+ million watchtime.
    I guess netflix cancells stuff when they make mistakes that's fine but for watchtime? When they already knew they put children on a zombie serie.

    So i would watch like more seasons of this for sure.
    But remove those children netflix, Put some real man and woman there and show in there some real actions.
    I guess im paying netflix to watch children series changing pampers every time i start a serie.

    Netflix Just focus children for children. Adult for Adults older people like me and you. Don't mess horror or thriller stuff with children. Stop using children as watchtime.
    Bring out some real movies and series don't destroy em with children idology.
    You already burried 6 or 8 series for nothing i don't want to name em here. just fix it and keep it goin with em.

  7. Seby V
    Seby V says:

    The enormous effort in creating these art piece animations and editing to create the movie shots could also be used in creating augmented reality virtual exploration spaces for these universes.

    Netflix is now the biggest entity that can experiment with augmented reality in their app or website with the theme of its most famous and popular shows/movies like stranger things…. so on.

    They should start with augmented reality based interactions with their famous show characters and universes, where people could interact in augmented reality universes, record and share that on social media, this could even be used as a marketing idea.

    Once enough buzz is created using augmented reality interactions, they could use these interactions to build a show specific metaverse which could almost be like a theme park something like a virtual Disney land for each show or just 1 big netflix theme park.


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