EXCLUSIVE – Zombie Animation Rig

EXCLUSIVE Zombie Animation Rig demonstrated by Chad Stewart, Lead Animator at Sony Pictures Animation. Download it here: http://www.sonypicturesanimation.com/zombierig

Sony Pictures Animation is excited to offer a unique opportunity to anyone interested in the craft of CGI: Use the character rig of an actual zombie straight out of Hotel Transylvania and animate him in a traditional walk or run cycle, squash and stretch, or anything else you’re inspired by. Make sure to submit your work for the chance to have it showcased on the Sony Pictures Animation YouTube channel – http://www.sonypicturesanimation.com/zombierig

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39 replies
  1. Earthenfist
    Earthenfist says:

    This is fantastic!  As a student intending to focus on rigging and Technical Direction myself, this thing's gonna be invaluable.  I really appreciate the demonstration, as well as the opportunity to work with and investigate a professional quality rig.

  2. Ronald Ang
    Ronald Ang says:

    This is great! is anybody else's rig having problems? The jacket isn't showing up in the render view and also when I turn on the other jackets in the outliner they don't follow the model in Maya 2014

  3. Pat B.
    Pat B. says:

    You need to know that you guy's are helping alot of people practice a skill we (well I at least) want.

     I'll pay you everything I have to get those popeye and olive oil ones!

  4. Yarghkey
    Yarghkey says:

    I love you guys, take me in as an intern! I don't have a demo reel though, but i watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs every time I animate for inspiration. Such fun.

  5. Jason Whyttes
    Jason Whyttes says:

    correct me if im wrong but to me at least it seems that this is a simplified version of the rig used in the film, or perhaps a immature version. i cant see this catering for every shot that was represented in the film.
    Thats just going by the features presented in this clip, im yet to play with it myself 😉 but i really so love the extra pivot for the cog 🙂 neat stuff
    thanks for making this available, i'm interested in how its put together.

    If you guys do read this though, may i ask if this was built by hand or procedurally?

  6. Arjun Dimazz
    Arjun Dimazz says:

    wavvvv my dream job is to be an animator and im learning. im using blender for now. Mabey at the fecture i can could join you guys.. i mean it will happned if onley i have the skill for that..

  7. 3D Incredible
    3D Incredible says:

    Whenever i drag down on controllers after i set position.. it selects ik and joints.. its really irritating to select all controlars and set them individually!! How to fix this prob .. any one help me..

  8. Cédric Swille
    Cédric Swille says:

    I dowloaded this rig but I've encountered some big problems…The IK/FK switch doesn't work for the head and the rig isn't at the right scale… I need to do a short animation for my school with another character but this rig is a hundred times too tall and there's no way I can scale it down… I'm very sad…

  9. Early Joke
    Early Joke says:

    Sony picture animation, It's about the zombie rig, I think the download link is dead, it's impossible to get it… Do you know who I could contact, to try resolve this problem ?


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