Extremis | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Witness the wrenching emotions that accompany end-of-life decisions as doctors, patients and families in a hospital ICU face harrowing choices. Now Streaming on Netflix.

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Extremis | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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  1. TopTribute BandsNstuff
    TopTribute BandsNstuff says:

    What's sad is when your wish is to not suffer and let nature take it's course but your family (wife) will not let you go and keeps you going artificially with no hope of your improving. My fear is being in a position to no longer verbalize my wishes (even with a POST etc) and having her or ? not doing what I want thus prolonging my suffering. The last thing to go is your awareness of pain even if your total memory and everything else is gone.

    The medicine they give you can make it impossible for you to scream or control your face mussels etc so you do not make OTHER people feel uncomfortable BUT inside you could be screaming in pain and praying to die. Everyone should at least fill out a POST form to let others and the doctors know what your wishes are if/when you are in a situation like these people are. It can happen in a second, car accident etc… Talk with your family about this stuff and most of all, make sure your doctor knows your wishes because your family member might not give the paperwork to the medical staff when the time comes…

  2. never mind
    never mind says:

    watching this and thought that I would probably not go through this kind of situation but life is fucked up and experienced this painful decision making for my brother. watching him die and knowing the nurses won't revive him temporarily made me insane and screamed at them for not doing anything. it hurts to see someone take their last breath. i don't know how nurses see this all the time and not go insane.

  3. Miffed Max
    Miffed Max says:

    My mum died earlier this year after months of hospitalisation, being completely bed bound and in agony. I am grateful for the hard work and diligence of the medical staff during this time, as well as the carers and community nurses that visited the house during her final days. People need to see that a “good death” isn’t what you might think it means. It’s horrible to endure and to be present with someone’s agony, knowing you are helpless to intervene. But between those horrifying moments are brief moments of serenity and love. I’m still broken up about how she suffered, but I think facing the reality of death can help us find peace in our grief, either of losing loved one’s or the end of our own lives.

  4. MrMudNugget
    MrMudNugget says:

    I watched my grandmother die when she wouldn't wake up from being on life support. Lung failure from SMOKING for 40 years. When they took support off it felt like i helped with murder. The last thing i said to her before she fell asleep is "do you want to die" she said with what strength she had. "nooooo" i said cry "then fight for you desire to live" she never woke up again. I locked up and tears rolled as i felt her dying right in front of me. She was with me since i was in diapers while my mom worked in the navy. I knew everything about her so i know what was happening as she faded. /+/ Cherish every argument, every hug, every memory and never let it go. You won't get another moment again.

  5. Phillip Brewster
    Phillip Brewster says:

    People die its a fact of life if your one of my loved ones youd never ever let me be hooked to a machine to continue my life not even for one day these people are torturing there loved ones for one more day are pure evil…

  6. Raven Moonsinger
    Raven Moonsinger says:

    I watched this documentary and it sheds light on a very touchy subject. It should be a lesson to everyone that death does not respect age, color, gender or ethnicity. As soon as one is married, you should have a living will made so that when the time comes, you can speak for yourself. Pushing the responsibility of making end of life decisions on your partner or your children is so unfair. I'm so glad we had a medical directive made up for my mother. It took the burden off of me and my sister and made her wishes clear. Thankfully, at the end of her life we put her on hospice care where she could be home, surrounded by her family when she passed. Oddly, she died on my 56th birthday and I realized what a blessing I'd been given. She was there in the room with me when I took my first breath, and I was with her, holding her hand as she took her last. She passed peacefully in her sleep in her room, in her own bed. That's the way she wanted to go and I'm grateful to God everyday that I was able to do that for her. If I'd insisted she stay in the hospital with machines keeping her alive I know that's not what she would have wanted. If you're facing death and able to tell your family what you want, then have that very difficult conversation but having a medical directive and letting your family know you have one will ease some of the burden. Forcing your family to make a decision like that for you is a terrible decision for them to have to make. They'll always question their judgement and feel guilt ridden if you don't let them know ahead of time.

  7. Zehra fatima
    Zehra fatima says:

    I am a psychologist working with cancer patients , sometimes palliative. It is heartbreaking while reaching out to them..this taxes our emotional stability, further adding to hope to strive for better option and treatment plans every day. Must watch!!

  8. George Luna
    George Luna says:

    The utter selfishness of these people is truly astonishing. Are you doing this for them? Or for you? Cowards. You cling on to these people who are already half gone. You torture them. You carry on in front of them like YOU are the ones who count, here. Do you love them? Or not? Your selective arrogant is sickening.
    AND, religious folk…do you believe in heaven, or Not?? Why will you only accept "gods will" if it's YOUR will?

  9. Relative Badger
    Relative Badger says:

    This would have been good had it not been for the Yanks making everything so dramatic. Why can't they just do their jobs, instead of lashing in with all the drama in their voices? It's the same in any city you go to visit – annoying enough to make us all here switch off


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