Fantastic Voyage | #TBT Trailer | 20th Century FOX

Prepare to journey into the deepest reaches of space…inner space! Stephen Boyd, Donald Pleasence, and Raquel Welch in her feature-film debut, star in “one of the most ingenious, inventive, imaginative, science fiction films Hollywood has ever produced.”

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Fantastic Voyage | #TBT Trailer | 20th Century FOX

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  1. John Tapp
    John Tapp says:

    Wanna know any real live people who had the same injury as Jan Benes? Just talk to anyone who’s had a subdural hematoma or an intracranial hemorrhage. I had the latter. Mine gave me a headache and it messed with my sense of direction. Mine was a little larger than his—about the size of a golf ball. Believe me, it could have been worse—FAR WORSE!!

  2. Thoralmir
    Thoralmir says:

    Cave Johnson: "Cave Johnson again, just a heads up, you are currently in a tiny test chamber floating around in my bloodstream. Remember, if you see a giant set of car keys, those are mine. Lab boys shrunk 'em part way down before I could stop 'em. No idea if it was for science or if they're just having one on at ol' Cave, but either way, if you don't find those things pretty soon, I'm gonna have to call Triple A."

  3. BeechNut
    BeechNut says:

    Loved this movie as a kid, but now watching it again as a 60+ adult, I really notice the patronizing, God-awful flirting lines regarding the woman (or rather the "girl") character. Not really offensive (this movie is just reflecting the times it was made in), but silly and pointless. I think they just included Raquel Welch for the scene where the men could grab the antibodies off her boobs!


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