Fear Itself Trailer

Watch the trailer for Fear Itself, the biggest event in the Marvel Universe coming in 2011!

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  1. abkinxoc
    abkinxoc says:

    @CarbonBasedAndroid stupidest comment ive ever heard. they shouldnt use the most popular character in comics? Superman and batman appear in 99% of every dc comic on the stands but ive never heard anyone say that they are overused. you tell me who makes more appearances a month out of those three, and ill bet you wolverine comes in last

  2. Ironfan7777777
    Ironfan7777777 says:

    Thor's going to die. All of the hints are there. Him with broken bodies on the teasers. They are rebooting Thor into Journey into Mystery. All of the hammers. One of the articles say Iron breaks, Soldiers fall, Gods die. It's inevitable.

  3. Ryan Walton
    Ryan Walton says:

    @plotkin514 These clips are mainly from posters/covers promoting the event. The symbol of the sheild in that pic is a symbol of Captain America's faith. The poster with Thor symbolizes family secrets. I've heard this is due to Hercules' attack on the Skrull Gods but I don't know for sure. Some god of Fear appears or so it the rumor.

  4. Jesse Woolridge
    Jesse Woolridge says:

    @CarbonBasedAndroid He only apears in every book because hes a favorite, same with spiderman and more recently Deadpool who incidentally all work together in teamups often but never seem to fight together particularly well because their beliefs and/or fighting styles differ so much usually adding hilarity to the comic for example spidey almost always has to save even the bad guy when working with Deadpool or wolverine due to them killing often and spiderman refusing to ever kill

  5. Plyp-Ayj3
    Plyp-Ayj3 says:

    besides tintin and asterix, the fear itself series where the first comic books that I read and it is what made me a fan and reader of other marvel comics, so thanks marvel for all the great entertanment


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