Flight Movie Official Trailer

Official FLIGHT Movie Trailer, starring Denzel Washington. See it in theaters November 2nd!

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  1. tea isstronger
    tea isstronger says:


    We match a super Lion King against a whip white male who cannot fly a plane made of notebook paper. A totally fictional happening. I remember him in a US Abrams Tank last time as a Lion King blowing up 1000s of Iraqi tanks and our own.

  2. Ronald Dunwoody
    Ronald Dunwoody says:

    One major error in movie. The opening scene is 7:15am in a hotel room near the airport, yet supposedly Washington's flight departs at 9:00am. In real life, an airline pilot would have to arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours prior to departure.This is to check weather patterns, navigate a route, check fuel on board and to check passenger manifesto.

  3. Cuboid Siren
    Cuboid Siren says:

    He's a puss for freaking out in the face of certain death? How would you react if you were in a plane diving nose down into a subdivision and you had no idea why or how to stop it?

  4. Anthraxoverdrive
    Anthraxoverdrive says:

    ok i think i get it, nose down trim, then roll the plane to where it lands …tail hits first , belly flop and instead of the nose of the plane crashing into the ground on impact. the nose is pointing up for a belly flop. si all u piolots remember this when it happens to you

  5. Contakum
    Contakum says:

    A brilliant movie about addiction and the excuses given for being addicted :
    I'm great at what I do – I landed that damaged plane drunk.
    I wasn't at my best because of the drug and sex binge the night before but why should you complain if I happened to be one of those pilots that could do that and still perform my job ?
    … can't you tell the difference ?!

  6. Gary Y
    Gary Y says:

    This is a great movie because it teaches me that MORALITY AND LAW are far more important than heroism, and it teaches well.

    Heroism is a gift, but we can't rely on it, MORALITY AND LAW are the true heroes who save us!!!

  7. Stefan Tomasi
    Stefan Tomasi says:

    The best movie about an alcoholic since Leaving Las Vegas with my favourite action star Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue from horror sci fi flick Hollow Man and action/romance story The Saint

  8. YouTube Is An Influencer
    YouTube Is An Influencer says:

    If you haven't watched " Flight " then your missing out on a near perfect film & that's extremely rare in Hollywood these day's or in Hollywood period…

    You usually have to watch a movie that was funded individually which is basically a low budget indy film but that doesn't detract from the fact that most of those movies take more risks/are more gritty/believable & as enjoyable as they are but there not box office draws… As it's about butts on seats & Hollywood doesn't like taking chances if it can help it but with " Flight " it takes that chance & the overall movie is well worth seeing to the end…

    There are a lot of things going on within this movie (which I won't mention as I wouldn't want to spoil) as you have character studies/someone trying to justify to himself that what he did, even though, sheer unfathomable & almost unbelievably, it's one movie that'll keep you sitting all the way through to the end to see where these character's end up…

    And again I have to commend Hollywood as most of their movies won't & very rarely risk such a ballsy & gusty story & its finale…

    10 Out Of 10 from me, but you go & watch it & make up your own mind!..



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