Formula 1: Drive To Survive – Season 5 | Now Streaming | Netflix

Formula 1: Drive to Survive returns to Netflix for Season 5. Offering unprecedented access, this season will once again take fans behind the scenes, to witness first-hand how the drivers and teams prepare to battle it out for victory in one of the sport’s most dramatic seasons to date.


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Formula 1: Drive To Survive – Season 5 | Now Streaming | Netflix

Formula 1’s teams have rebuilt their vehicles from the ground up for a thrilling 2022 season, and this year’s championships are anyone’s to win.

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  1. Fizzles Wizzles
    Fizzles Wizzles says:

    "i would hug the whole paddock"

    we all know who the star of this show is, the star should get paid the most, netflix should pay Stiener and Haas mad coin, then Steiner can build the winning car he deserves.

  2. PokerPariah
    PokerPariah says:

    After watching most of the episodes of season 5 I can say Binotto and the strategy team was the complete reason Charles and Ferrari didn't win the championship. Even RedBull members at the time stated that Ferrari was completely clueless at the Miami and Silverstone rounds. Last year I knew they were screwed after Monaco because they refused to address the mistake immediately but instead deflected. In any other successful business mistakes like that would be immediate termination of your job to where security would escort you off the property.

  3. HUF
    HUF says:

    Did they just make it look like Ferrari won 1-2 in Singapore with a fake audio from Bahrain and a video cut and make it look like checo didn t even exist in that race, c'mon this is plain pathetic.

  4. Averon 3
    Averon 3 says:

    The worst season… Why haven't you showed situation between Perez and Max? Where is the pole position of Magnussen? Crash between Hamilton and Alonso? The season didn't live up the expectations….

  5. david devdariani
    david devdariani says:

    only watch if you don't watch actual races , otherwise this is annoying af , and the gossip girl horner is too irritating with no self awareness at all , guenther steiner is on form if thats your thing . rest is on typical dts , seb ignored , max's antics with checo not mentioned, zhoe only says hi cos of crush i guess, and will buxton being " no $hit Sherlock " as usual

  6. Hugo Chan
    Hugo Chan says:

    One of the best season yet.
    The story feels grounded, real. It actually shows how the sports works, how brutal it is.
    There is no more fake drama, still, the show is exciting.

    There is only 10 episode, so they have to leave out some content. Still, it is amazing. I think they did a great job. They captured the regulation change, driver swap, high stake racing.

  7. Gabriel Andrade
    Gabriel Andrade says:

    A cada nova temporada a série vai piorando. Começou muito bem, exploraram a temporada boa forma, não deixavam informações relevantes sobre a temporada e a corrida no contexto do episódio. 5° e última temporada que assisti.

  8. Mortarion
    Mortarion says:

    3 or 4 episodes about Silverstone and then repeat the same races over and over in multiple episodes just from different perspectives while also jumping in time all over the place… And you give Daniel Ricciardo a big send off bit while you don't even talk ONCE about Vettel retiring, WTF is wrong with you that you just ignore the retirement of a bloody 4x times WDC and a legend of the sport who did mad work for Aston Martin that year (which you also barely showed) – no more talks about Mick, no mention of the great races, the controversy at RB with the team orders were left out even tho it was RB which you covered a lot…

    God damn, I wouldn't be sad if F1 cut ties with you lot and if Verstappen wouldn't come back again… But I guess he will because you decided to crawl up his ass now to make up for throwing shit at him in past seasons.

    "Documentary" my ass lol


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