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After his wife and injured daughter disappear from an ER, a man conducts a panicked search and becomes convinced the hospital is hiding something.

Fractured (2019) is the new thriller starring Sam Worthington, Lily Rabe and Stephen Tobolowsky.

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  1. mister koneko
    mister koneko says:

    He killed he's family,
    And he kill almost the entire people in the hostpital and go home, wait I forgot that he bring an innocent guy that in procedure like the ending is quite funny if you ask my just look at the poor guy that he bring,,

  2. idk
    idk says:

    Alex mason looks different here if your a cod fan and u dont know what I'm talking about the same person that plays ray plays alex mason

  3. Grega
    Grega says:

    I loved this movie. Any thoughts of similar movies (not by the plot, but the atmosphere, suspense and ending twist)?
    I mean if you liked this, you probably also enjoyed Shutter Island. But what are some other recommendations? Anyone? (not necessarily english. maybe any foreign movies)

  4. L B
    L B says:

    He saved them. His hallucinations were result of auto suggestion by the crazy evil psych. The ending was him still hallucinating. All the shooting and all that was not hallucinations. It's what can really happen so I suggest keep it eyes on it family at all times when entering any institution. The hospital kidnapped them. All these comments suggest that from the time of the accident it was all hallucinations. I don't think so at all…right at the end he was singing song and saw his wife in back seat. There was a bit before that where he saw another body. That was hallucination

  5. Sean Henderson
    Sean Henderson says:

    When l was watching this, l thought he was telling the truth and they trying to make him look crazy and it made me pissed a little, then at the end, wow! I highly recommend this film if nobody hasn’t seen it. Good film!


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