Game Change: Trailer (HBO Films)

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This HBO film follows John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, from his selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, to their ultimate defeat in the general election.

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Game Change: Trailer (HBO Films)

32 replies
  1. Hannah Mary
    Hannah Mary says:

    Lets face it, a lot of the things the real Sarah Palin didn't know were things that the average person didn't know. In saying that, when you are in, or at least have an interest in, you absolutely have to know these things! John McCain was made an absolute fool to be associated with this woman in the end!

  2. GregoryTheGr8ster
    GregoryTheGr8ster says:

    It wasn't Sarah Palin's inarticulateness that lost the election for McCain, it was Republican greed and the obviousness that the GOP is simply the puppet of the top 1%. Americans are starting to become FED UP with all the wealth going to the tippy top. We don't have a democracy any more. we have a corporate plutocracy, and the Republicans are the political arm of that plutocracy.

  3. Greg Lites
    Greg Lites says:

    O M G… the saddest part is the McCain campaign knew she was totally incompetent but they still tried to push the ticket thru to the White House… "Country First"? – that was the biggest lie ever in a presidential campaign

  4. Arizona Homes
    Arizona Homes says:

    i'm glad he lost!! He should have ran as a democrat, as that is what he really was !! If you don't back your own party, you will always lose!! And he did!! Some people have no common sense !!

  5. Zachery Acuff
    Zachery Acuff says:

    I just watched this in 2020 after learning about it and it's crazy how predictive it is of the 2016 election. If the film is an accurate portrayal of what went on behind the scenes of the McCain-Palin campaign, then my takeaway wasn't that they lost because Palin was so utterly unqualified; they lost because McCain didn't go full on populist like Palin was. Palin was happy to excite the Republican base in a way McCain wasn't willing to. Then Trump happened….

  6. TralfazConstruction
    TralfazConstruction says:

    It's a decade old this year. Made a good impression on me when my fiancée and I first watched it together. Steve Schmidt on Twitter recently took another look 'under-the-hood' at this era and there were enough recollections of his to make Game Change (2012) into a four-hour movie. One wouldn't even need to be a politics buff or maven to find everything highly interesting.


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