Game Theory with Bomani Jones | Official Trailer | HBO

A new late night perspective on sports. Game Theory with Bomani Jones premieres March 13 on HBO Max.

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35 replies
  1. nk
    nk says:

    I like you Bo, but ehh, a real Karen oftentimes puts Black people in harm's way involving the police which has led to harassment and worse; just isn't an apt comparison. As you say insurance fraud would be better.

  2. Kiroo Lioneaver
    Kiroo Lioneaver says:

    As someone who listened to The Evening Jones for years we'll see how the humour stuff translates to a scripted show (it's supposedly in the vein of "Last Week Tonight"). Bo's unscripted humour and being unintentionally funny like he was responding to questions on TEJ was fantastic. We'll see if that translates well to this show.

  3. CE A
    CE A says:

    Got interested at game theory, immediately lost interest upon realizing it's about sports ball and not the math / complex systems science field of study.

  4. Mr. Manfredjensenjen
    Mr. Manfredjensenjen says:

    B hurt my ears on the radio, why would I want to watch him give bad takes. What is going on? Giving shows all around to people that aren’t very good. Before you come at me with the classic, you must be racist, I want someone that first off has good takes, secondly, why would I want to listen to a dude that literally hates most of his audience? I grew up with Stewart Scott, Dan Patrick, Keith Olbermann (before he went completely psychotic), Linda Cohn, Robin Roberts and the great Chris Berman. I had my tv on ESPN all day. Watched all the HBO Sports shows too. Now they are full of activists. Totally unwatchable!

  5. Uppity Black
    Uppity Black says:

    What a joke! Nobody watched his show because all he does is complain about racism…he had no real viewers at ESPN and he has no viewers at HBO. Only 157k people watched his first episode despite a strong lead in. One season and he’s done. Go woke…Go Broke. Pathetic.


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