Gangs of London Official Trailer | Premieres Exclusively on AMC+ on October 1

Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney) was the most powerful criminal in London. Now, his son Sean (Joe Cole) must prove he’s ready to take his father’s place. See why critics are raving about Gangs of London, available exclusively on AMC+ beginning October 1.

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Gangs of London Trailer

When the head of London’s most powerful crime family is assassinated, the power vacuum leads to an epic struggle between international gangs.

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21 replies
  1. Nyteshade 517
    Nyteshade 517 says:

    Pretty sure AMC+ is just available for Xfinity, Dish & Sling customers. Makes me wonder why AMC Premiere even exists then. Was planning on watching this in October but now that idea is ruined.

  2. kosh2001
    kosh2001 says:

    So I get a preview e-mail from AMC which I did subscribed too for TWD and it's showing other shows besides TWD so I click on one and before you can see the preview of any of these new show they expect you to watch a fucking commercial for a 1 minute preview to a new show that they want you to watch…..Suck my cock AMC……..seriously a commercial in order to watch a 1 minute preview…smh!

  3. Junior Jr.
    Junior Jr. says:

    AMC's problem is they have too many streaming services…. And not enough content to fill them all… They had a great idea with AMC+…. But they took it in the wrong direction…. AMC networks… IFC films … Sundance now…. Should all be on one streaming service…. Acorn TV and shudder should be their standalones…


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