GIANT-SIZE X-MEN Tribute Trailer | Marvel Comics

A classic returns! Len Wein & David Cockrum’s masterpiece is reborn with ALL NEW ART by the creators they’ve been inspiring since 1975!

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24 replies
  1. Technoninja8088
    Technoninja8088 says:

    I look back and think Wow! i was a part of comic book history Lol! because i either own some of those originals from 79 -80’s releases or they all passed through my hands temporarily for reading thanks to close friends.

  2. DoubleTrouble
    DoubleTrouble says:

    Shameless cash out attempt….. reprint with a different artist drawing each page? Cheap as hell way to sell what will cost $10 guaranteed. Can you just write consistent stories with a consistent artist? That’s all people want……

  3. charles balliett
    charles balliett says:

    looks absolutely horrid , the original art looks way , way , way , better . . . if they want to know what's wrong with modern comics an why their not selling ! ! ! why don't they try an look at the " GHASTLY ! ! ! " art they have been allowing ! the crap looks like sketches or some crap you would find in a book for 3 to 5 yr old's ! ITS RIDICULOUS ! what comics have lost is visually there not " COOL ! BAD ! AWESOME ! " WE NEED { late 60's/1970's jack king kirby } KIRBY , NEAL ADAMS , JOHN AN SAL BUSCEMA , HERB TRIMPE , ROB LIEFIELD , WHILCE PORTACIO , JIM VALENTINO , JIM LEE , JOHN BYRNE , DAVE COCKRUM , JOHN ROMITA SR , [ NOT JR ; his art is part of the problem i'm depicting ; very sketch like ] STERANKO , ETC . . .

  4. Kreek Evol
    Kreek Evol says:

    This is basically MARVEL's version of Disney's live action adaptations
    …and I'm in for it, as long as they do Infinity Gauntlet and Classic Secret Wars


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