Giri / Haji | Official Trailer | Netflix

Bound by duty and lost in shame. A Tokyo police detective risks his job, family and honour as he travels to London in search of his long lost brother,unravelling the secret that tore them apart.
From the producers of Chernobyl.
Giri Haji on Netflix January 10.

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Giri / Haji | Official Trailer | Netflix

Family duty sends a lawman to London to look for his mob-assassin brother as a yakuza war threatens to engulf Tokyo. Trust is even tougher to find.

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  1. Allen Tran
    Allen Tran says:

    Does anybody know the name and artist for the music from this trailer? There are several differing lists for the soundtrack for Giri/Haji with some lists being only about 30 songs and others being over 70 songs.

  2. Maggie To
    Maggie To says:

    The best show I’ve ever seen. EVER. Every single actor, cinematography, plot, music score is first class. I don’t get why BBC/Netflix cancelled season 2. Absolute waste of talent.

  3. L’ Italienne
    L’ Italienne says:

    The way this series slayed, from the theatricality of scenes, the complexity of characters, and the versatility of plots in every episode, this was beautifully and brilliantly done.

  4. JK
    JK says:

    Great series so far, but the young black girl playing top mob enforcer for the Abbot gang is about as credible as Richard Simmons being cast as a mob captain in the Sopranos. One of those diversity fails where the producers fail to put any effort into how to make the diversity fit the plot.

  5. superkev1234
    superkev1234 says:

    I wish I could erase this show from my memory just so I can watch it again for the first time. Amazing – one of the best shows offered on Netflix (Australia). Beautifully constructed and warmingly acted; characters you can fall in love with.

  6. Steve Pang
    Steve Pang says:

    Slow burn, surprising good show that came from BBC and Netflix. As good as El Chapo series. Very well done as it is, you get to see and understand cross cultures. It is unnecessary & not needed: it could easily be made more violent, more chase and danger, like a Tom Cruise movie. All the characters have something to tell and it opens up like a book, you want to know the next page. Good blending of people.

  7. Cumshot
    Cumshot says:

    Im sure if it had a season 2 the original story would go meaningless as theres nothing to really go off on if there was a second season. The ending does seem it could branch off a bit but im sure it would get a bit boring and unfocused. The ending was perfect for what it was, i myself wanted to see how life went for the rest but understand that it would go dull and have no other story.

  8. ••• xD35P153x •••
    ••• xD35P153x ••• says:

    I don't think I watched a single episode and didn't say to myself "holy shit Sarah sounds so much like Merida from Brave." Well derp a quick check on IMDB and yup she's the voice of Merida. As well as about a million other things I'd seen her in and didn't connect the dots. This was such a well done show I don't understand not renewing it. Especially after 3 BAFTA nominations and 1 win.

  9. Tawny A
    Tawny A says:

    What an empathetic and visually encanting masterpiece. From character development, to layering the stories together and bringing together all the storytelling elements so brilliantly. PLEASE revive this. I think about the characters even when I'm not watching the show

  10. Batman
    Batman says:

    This show was unlike anything else I've seen in TV. The last 2-3 episodes fell apart a bit, but the show was aiming to be so many things at once that I can't help but appreciate the ambition. Fantastic cast, too.


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