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36 replies
    CALLIE FINCK says:

    when does he finally get to notice Anne? Someone in his mind younger, more beautiful, and definitely more obedient. Although Anne failed to give him a son also, she gave him one of the greatest monarchs this world has ever seen, all Catherine did was give birth to one of the worst and most psychotic monarchs the world has ever seen

  2. Joy Yeong
    Joy Yeong says:

    Omg I love his show!!!!!!!! Can we have more season and more episodes until it' can go long and mabye we can have more on the other wives as season pleaseeee I beg of you PLEASE

  3. Elizabeth Figueroa
    Elizabeth Figueroa says:

    God this is terrible, why or why does she do that terrible accent?? Honestly like if you can’t sound close to the dialect then it’s best to just leave it as is. We know who Catherine was and her lineage, she does a huge disservice to the real Catherine.

  4. Scotti Brown
    Scotti Brown says:

    The reason why Henry became obsessed over having a son is because the Tudor dynasty was still young. Henry VII originally had it secured with the births of Arthur and Henry, but then when Arthur died (and Catherine wasn’t pregnant), all of that pressure to maintain the Tudor dynasty fell on Henry’s shoulders.

  5. Danielle Musella
    Danielle Musella says:

    He makes it sound like Katherine was DELIBERATELY not giving him that son! Ugh! And also, there's been some recent speculation that Henry had something called McLeod Syndrome , related to having Kell-positive blood. This has a horrible effect on pregnancies, making unborn babies anemic after a certain stage. It causes the mother's body to reject the baby as a foreign invader, if it has a different Kell antigen from her. Sporadically, once child might be antigen-compatible with the mother, sparing it from the effects of this disease, which is why some historians believe Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward went full-term.

  6. S.M. Diggs
    S.M. Diggs says:

    In Henry's defense the war of the roses tore england part. He was Just the second Tudor. Without a male heir it would of ended. Between TBI and the patriarchy it destroyed Catherine amd Henry's relationship.

  7. Sadika Sayeed
    Sadika Sayeed says:

    in fact all of henry's sons die at some point or other no matter who the mother was. legal and illegal male children of henry the 8th die and only the daughetrs survived. who is to blame here?

  8. The Real Deal
    The Real Deal says:

    If only he knew that it is the man that decides the gender of the baby. It was never Katherine’s fault. His and his alone. Katherine was treated horrible and unjust at the end of her years. She and her daughter, Mary deserved better. In the end, Henry’s reign was outmatched and bettered by a daughter he disowned, Elizabeth Tudor. Her reign puts his to shame ten times more. A woman carried the family legacy more than he ever did. And Elizabeth Tudor honored her mother, Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn got the last laugh in the end.

  9. Colleen Pribble
    Colleen Pribble says:

    I doubt Catherine would ever challenge H8. She was brought up to honor her husband and king. Princesses married who they were told, she knew that since the time she was little girl.

  10. Miss Macy
    Miss Macy says:

    I just find it amusing how he thinks women can choose what gender the baby is. Imma just be like "hey babe ya know what I'm gonna give birth to girl. Ive decided."

  11. Angel
    Angel says:

    that's so stupid…like she can choose whether to deliver a boy or girl and in modern science we finally learnt that the baby's gender depends entirely on the father's sperm…so it's actually entirely his fault

  12. Via-Anghel Magahum
    Via-Anghel Magahum says:

    What a woman! Lectures and scolds him about the hurt all the women in his life, even his mistress who despite the pain she must have felt for losing his love and infidelity.

    Here was turning into a monster vs the loving innocent prince he was before.

    And “need” give you a son to neglect and only love for what he represents. She is in pain and hurting and it’s because. Of. YOU!!! “God” is not giving you a son by her because you don’t deserve it and her!


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