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30 replies
  1. Matthew Peter
    Matthew Peter says:

    I thoroughly enjoy this show. Billy Bob Thornton is really good. I just started watching last week and I'm almost done with season 2 which apparently a ton of people hate which I just don't see. I've enjoyed season 2. This show just tunes you in and keeps you wanting more.

  2. Johnny Sockov
    Johnny Sockov says:

    This is some of the BEST T.V. ever. The writing, the actors, the acting, the controversial topics, are all top notch, not to be seconded. To hear that this is the last season is probably mind blowing to people that are seeing this as one of the best lawyer shows ever. I've watched them all, starting with Perry Mason and this is one of the best or the best lawyer show I've ever watched. Great cast, and the list extensive-9/10

  3. tamsinthai
    tamsinthai says:

    I was looking forward to this, having watched the first three seasons. I watched the first episode last night, ergh, so thought I'd give it a chance and watched the second episode, and abandoned it halfway. Dennis Potter meets Angel Heart, not a good mix, and I see Thornton directed it, so a vanity project then. Don't know what he was on at the time, but I wouldn't want any. Total CRAP.

  4. Izzy
    Izzy says:

    First season was absolutely brilliant
    Second season was sloppy
    Third season it started trying to be Twin Peaks
    The show changed quite a bit. Not keen on season 3
    What’s with all the supernatural crap?

  5. J F K
    J F K says:

    Just watching episode 5. Was really sad to see rascism against white people in the episode. I appreciate that rascism against white people doesnt exist in your world, but I found it deeply offensive.

  6. DogLovr Snowflake
    DogLovr Snowflake says:

    I loved this show – all four seasons, BUT why couldn't they turn on a friggin light in season 4? Every episode was like filmed in the dark. Very difficult to watch for seemingly no reason.


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