Good Sam | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

When a mysterious good samaritan, aka “Good Sam,” leaves $100,000 in cash on seemingly random doorsteps, New York City TV news reporter Kate Bradley (Tiya Sircar) sets out discover Good Sam’s true identity and motive, turning her personal life upside down. Good Sam premieres May 16, only on Netflix.

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Good Sam | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

A curious reporter finds love while pursuing the story of a mysterious figure who’s leaving bags of cash for strangers around New York City.

45 replies
  1. Lauryn Flint
    Lauryn Flint says:

    I watched this movie, and all of the people receiving the bags of money and the news reporters and such kept saying there was a tilted or sideways eight on the bag, so was the only one who thought that would be an infinity symbol?

  2. Falken
    Falken says:

    Great film! Also cudos to the soundengineers for making the choppersound in the opening scenes only available from my ceiling speakers (Dolby Atmos). Best Atmos aktivity I've heared from streaming. Give us more of that!

  3. Direryte
    Direryte says:

    It is a good family lesson movie. The age rating is 7+ so you kinda knew what is going happen next (if you above 10 that is). If you expecting some gory mind blowing twist then im afraid it not going to deliver. Overall this movie is just for chillin and I can say it is great for what it is.

  4. Katia25
    Katia25 says:

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  5. Russ Howell
    Russ Howell says:

    Goodsam club sucks they left me on the road for over three weeks. I sent them an email.
    4 weeks latter I get a letter in the mail from Bassam they
    Dropped me from being a member. Thank you Bassam
    I have a better road side that
    Really does fix flat tires and nothing out of Pocket .
    Badsams are lier's. There
    Nothing like they say they are
    They might be. Sued for falls

  6. Leigha Reid
    Leigha Reid says:

    the acting is horrendous. please stop with the diversity hires, Netflix. Remember when companies used to hire actors based on TALENT and not skin color? The concept of this show is great but it was ruined by wokeness.

  7. bllourias
    bllourias says:

    What a unique movie! I stumbled across this movie on a different platform because it was filed under a different title. It was a super pleasant surprise.
    I just had to find a place to let others know about this!


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