‘Good vs Evil’ Ep. 6 Preview | Power Book II: Ghost | STARZ

Everyone has a secret to protect. Watch it all go down during the midseason premiere of #PowerGhost this Sunday on STARZ.

#PowerNeverEnds #PowerTV

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27 replies
  1. Israelite Tingz
    Israelite Tingz says:

    Is it me or do all these new chatacters in Ghost replace those of Power?? Tariq is obviously Ghost, Brayden is Tommy, Kayne is Kanen, the lightskin girl is supposed to reflect Angela, kenans brother is Dre… Or am i tripp'n?

    CT NGUYEN says:

    Man thank god i saved all first 6 episodes to binge all in one go during my end of year holidays. Man all I gotta say is if yall not watching.. yall fkrs are missing out. I too gave a bit of a uncalled for critique during episode one. I guess its just me havent accepted omari's exit. I am glad i actually gave the show another shot.. sometimes stopping then revisiting a show to watch after watching a handful of other shows it makes u realise how great the sequence of events and great this story telling is. U guys got me zoned in! Round 2 lets go!

  3. courtney parrish
    courtney parrish says:

    50 must have no say so in this season. Mary ,her husband and her bad acting kids have to go. I cant take Mary serious when she's trying to be hard or serious. Cane dont seem like no killer, the daughter dont belong, and the other son, idk why they added that in this show,should have kept it Power. Other cast is awesome.

  4. Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore says:

    So I’m rewatching power and I’m on season 3 episode 304 and idk if anyone spotted this yet but when kanan and juke box crew rob the jewelry store the woman at the counter is the same actress that plays Lauren’s mom in power book 2 ghost. I wonder if it just happened to be the same actor or if that was actually intended to be Lauren’s mom. In the power universe timeline that’s very possible.


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