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Greedy | Better Call Saul

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37 replies
  1. Kell Brigan
    Kell Brigan says:

    I'm still hoping that Jimmy will repent and rejoin the human race before it's too late. Let's just hope he doesn't damage any more people before that happens. (Still think Jeff was wearing a wire and the silent blond guy with him was a cop…)

  2. socks man
    socks man says:

    He’s definitely talking to Jeff the cab driver. Remember when Jeff was tryna be all buddie buddie with Saul in the mall making it clear that he’s an “ally” so Saul/gene making it clear that they are NOT friends supports this theory

  3. מֶלֶך הָעוֹלָם: Back For Blood
    מֶלֶך הָעוֹלָם: Back For Blood says:

    This might be a trick with the obvious conclusion being that he's talking to the cabbie. He may actually be talking to Kim and saying that he's not her friend according to the same line of thought as he expressed when he asked her in the season five finale if he was bad for her or something like that.


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